My Macro Musings podcast with David Beckworth

It is here, mostly about big business.  Note that David’s podcast usually covers macro, and it is probably the best macro podcast out there, you can access it here.


Mr. Li passed away.

Trump caught all 18 illegal immigrants. America is great again!

It is a great time to get your company funded, and you are right at pointing out Sequoia as a top performer that still makes a lot of mistakes. I think you are overrating a16z though: I've heard some of their people give the most unsophisticated of reasons for their decision making, both up and down.

As far as privacy, if you had seen the dashboards on individual customers that I've seen, you might not think the same way you do: I am told three letter government agencies are a bit ahead still, but not by much. We are one unscrupulous employee taking dumps from the data of the right politicians away from legislation.

Still, if I have a concern with big business, is unevenness of contracts in situations where there's no way to either negotiate or pick an alternative partner. The Amazon or Google legal systems can, and do, ruin a smaller company with no recourse. Libraries of purchased digital goods can immediately disappear if, say, you dare to dispute a credit card transaction, as you really didn't purchase anything, you have a temporary license that can be revoked for any reason, as it's in the contract. An utterly fraudulent copyright claim from a record company subsidiary can cost a youtube channel all their income, and good luck suing, as ultimately those big companies insulate themselves from large parts of the legal system.

The elites do trust institutions because they are either the donors or owners, for example in the case of media. I can't blame the average American for distrusting them and focusing on issues that matter to them. Trust is earned, not given.

"best macro podcast out there"

I listen to the podcast and enjoy it but that the most dancing bear comment I've read all week.

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