Another day in the news


Russian co-signed loans?

Suspension of British Parliament?

Planned Iranian drone attack on Israel?

Pal Benko passes away

What will it be tomorrow?


Citizens are advised to wave their arms wildly and run around screaming.

The rainforest is our lungs, man!

It produces like 20% of our global oxygen supply. Are you too cynical for oxygen now?

We already have as much oxygen we need.

No, the rainforest does not produce oxygen. Trees turn CO2 into O2 (and retain the C) when they're alive, but when they decompose, the carbon combined with O2 to make CO2 again.
The rainforest is, however, a repository of carbon that we don't want to see released into the atmosphere.

"Are you too cynical for oxygen now?"

Apparently. These times take a toll on us all.

No, it is not. In first place, lungs do not actually create oxygen, and the rainforests do mot create net oxygen, and Brazil is not destroying the rainforests, quite the opposite: federal troops rolled in to deal with the situation. Brazilians didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world's been turning, Brazilians didn't start the fire, no, they didn't light it, they tried to fight it. Lamestream media got things exactly backwards.

So you both are saying, and I want to get this correct, that trees do not produce oxygen?

They do, and they also consume it because they actually breathe. My point is, we do not really need rainforests to breathe. Even if we needed, Brazikians are doing a fine job protecting them.

My favorite hockey team's discussion board has a cute ironic emoji for that. Probably a good thing it's not accessible here at MR

Bondage Gear & Equipment: Ꭺll you Νeed to Know

what will it be tomorrow?
whoops! (harvard) again

Well, this is still from today - 'Businesses in the UK and Ireland have called for a €1bn (£908m) fund from the Irish government to help them withstand the “Brexit shock” in the event of no deal.

They want a slice of Ireland’s unprecedented €10.4bn (£9.4bn) corporate tax intake earmarked for business trading in both directions that will be hit by tariffs, delays in Calais and Dover and other challenges in the event of the UK crashing out of the European Union on 31 October without a deal.

That's right, businesses in the country that decided to leave the EU want money from Ireland for the costs resulting from the UK's decision.

Truly, you cannot make this stuff up anymore.

I am shocked, shocked that a corporation would attempt to socialize its costs on the taxpayers.

It's great day for me concerning the relative power of CEOs an employees.

CEO tries to scare employees into obedience (and probably worse contractual terms) by telling employees the company is bankrupt. The video is leaked to the media. The company loses 15% market cap in after hours trading. The board of directors tries to fix the catastrophe with a press release that states "bankrupt" does not means insolvent.

Enjoy in English via BBG:

Enjoy the original video in Spanish:

Information wants to be free, we shall be free =)

Clearly amateur hour - the real professionals declare bankruptcy so as to get out of labor contracts.

'American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday to cut labor costs in the face of high fuel prices and dampened travel demand, capping a prolonged descent for what was once the largest U.S. carrier. ... United Continental Holdings Inc’s United Airlines and Delta Air Lines Inc, both of which used Chapter 11 to cut costs and later found merger partners, are now the largest U.S. carriers. American ranks third. '

Realistically the unions should be forced to pay American Airlines for the strikes and any lost revenue.

Odd. Qantas is supposed to be making bank because of the weak oil market. We be going, "Dang, this oil be cheap, man." Of course, we're not so happy about the current low cost of LNG in Asia.

Leakers should be jailed and tortured. What they do is offensive to billionaires and big business.

My favorite is the 'don't worry, I'll pardon you if you break a bunch of laws to erect some few miles of border wall before the run-up to the election next year'

Well, it was about time that someone finally realized that being president is the same as being king.

Though that pardoning trick still won't make our current president into our favorite president-for-life.

(In all honesty, that pardoning trick would seem to be direct grounds for impeachment - directing someone to commit an illegal action is also illegal.)

"It's just a joke, until evidence of it happening is unearthed, then it is privileged information nobody can talk about even under oath, then it was the plan all along and, oh look, another scandal! -what were we talking about?." - Base platform position of the GOP

Break what laws? Immigration laws? No, it's the illegals breaking those laws. Sanctuary cities? No, they are ignoring and not enforcing the laws. Build the wall? How could that be against the law???

"Build the wall? How could that be against the law???"

By siezing private property to build upon.
By ignoring federal contracting rules.
By ignoring environmental regulation.
By misusing funds appropriated for other purposes.

There you go! That’s the basis for a constitutional challenge to the very idea of (physical) national borders.

The Supreme court unequivocally upheld eminent domain.
"Rules" not law. And the president can indeed do that.
Show me the regulation voted on and passed by a majority of congress and than signed by the president.
Misusing funds appropriated for other purposes: Bwahahahaha. Your kidding, right? Tell me your kidding and not just ignorant. You mean you never saw every other president use funds in ways other than the original appropriation???

You are not well informed.

- Eminent domain requires and extensive legal process that the president has allegedly instructed staff to ignore.
- Please show me what parts of US Code allow the president to waive duly-enacted regulations, save where expressly authorized by statute.
- Again, please show me where presidents have re-appropriated non-discretionary spending in a way not authorized by statute.

Yeah, I mention below the "united party" problem. *If* Trump induces illegal behavior on promise of a pardon, and *if* the Republican Senate does not rebel at that point, the constitutional government of the United States is in kind of shit shape.

How is it morally different from the mass pardoning of millions of illegal immigrants?

If laws exist that prohibit the building of a wall on a US border by citizens who pay taxes so they can be the United States instead of Mexico, then that would be a good example of Sam Francis's anarcho-tyranny.

You can open the borders when I can stop paying the taxes.

It sounds like you may not know the details:

. He has waved off worries about contracting procedures and the use of eminent domain, saying “take the land,” according to officials who attended the meetings.

Trump is talking about violating private property rights. I hope you aren't saying it's "anarcho-tyranny" if we *don't* grab private land.

If your property abuts the border, you've put yourself squarely in the national question. Too bad. Maybe, like I suggest, we should dissolve the nation so people can form their own.

This is not about any principle of private property for you; it's just whose ox is getting gored.

It's a problem of geometry. A border is a line. A line has no area. A property is an area.

Hard to build a wall on a line, as every homeowner knows.

'you've put yourself squarely in the national question'

If your family has owned that property for three generations, you most certainly did not put yourself into a national question - other people did.

'This is not about any principle of private property for you'

Cannot speak for the 'you,' but undoubtedly are aware that the proper use of eminent domain, particularly after Kelo, is a very real constitutional concern, right? One that libertarians tend to be very aware of, actually, as the 5th Amendment restricts a number of government actions.

If SCOTUS was good with a taking for a Pfizer (I think) facility, surely a border wall would clear the valid takings bar, assuming the proper process is followed, right?

'assuming the proper process is followed'

That is the crux, with our president saying he will pardon those who break the law at his command.

Because eminent domain is such a new thing. As bad as I dislike it, at least this is an actual proper use of it. Kind of weird that the Feds don't own the border already though.

You did not read that correctly, Trump is saying break the law rather than wait for the wheels of eminent domain to grind through.

Fair enough then.

'at least this is an actual proper use of it'

Just to emphasize, read the article. And it is exactly why that part of the 5th Amendment was written, to prevent such blatantly illegal action on the part of the American government. And no quibbling about blatantly illegal - if Trump says he will pardon those engaging in this behavior, it is obviously illegal in the eyes of our current president.

I will only comment on Dudley. I think his comment is being misconstrued. I interpreted the comment to mean that two wrongs don't make a right: the Fed shouldn't implement a bad policy (monetary stimulus) in an effort to offset a bad policy (the trade war). That's debatable, but it doesn't reach the level of a conspiracy to undermine the president. By the way, Dudley is a Republican. Matthew Yglesias has a response to Dudley that is much more critical than mine: he interprets Dudley's comment far broader to include "sabotage" of Trump's re-election. Of course, Trump has been at war with the Fed for months, trying to "sabotage" trust in that institution. How have wed sunk so low? We were capable of it on our own, or is it Trump.

The Wall Street Journal says that Dudley is a registered Democrat.


My only horror is political arguments constructed on falsehoods, like rayward's.

Rayward is a snarky point-scorer who plays loose with facts, making him the left of centre equivalent of our President.

Not to worry.

There is a reason we have three branches of government. Ultimately, Congress with the support of the Judiciary will be able to conduct oversight and the people will choose.

That was a fairly solid 2017 view. It still might hold true. Unfortunately one commentary of late 2018 was that "a untied party can defeat constitutional checks and balances." That second, pessimistic, view has not really been defeated. Though of course one hopes ..

(I regard Kavanaugh's confirmation rant to be strong confirmation for that pessimistic view.)

Oh, actually that was 2016.

All this kvetching and hysterics. Chicken little for 2 straight years.

Total miles of wall built: Zero

And it will remain zero for the duration of his term.


Other than a big waste of money, who cares about the wall. It's symbolic politics.

It's everything else.

He’s been either totally ineffective in basically every area of partisan concern to Democrats, or ironically in line with them

He’s deported fewer immigrants

He’s repaired (let alone built) fewer miles of barriers

He’s failed to repeal Obamacare, which remains stronger than ever and more popular than ever

He’s personally responsible for shifting public opinion of Dems to be much more supportive of Free Trade and Open Borders (Free movement of capital and labor! 4 more years of Trump and there might be Dem candidates an economist could vote for!)

He’s expanded domestic nonmilitary spending to all time highs (Bus Cyc Adj)

He’s attempting to withdraw from Afghanistan and Syria, time will tell. But a peace agreement and withdrawal from Afghanistan is something the anti-Ben Rhodes wing of the Democrat Party has been clamoring for since 2004.

His idiotic trade war nonsense is basically in line with the AFL-CIO, as stupid as the position is. It’s also in line with the Warren/Sanders wing of the party

I mean really what’s left? Tax cuts and siding with Asians vs the Ivy League racist admissions committee?

Get real.

I was actually thinking today about the difference between a moderate and a bad centrist. A moderate can weigh policies and performance against some expected standard of behavior.

A bad centrist has no such obligation. For him, a president complaining that Denmark is "nasty" to not consider selling Greenland just confirms that "politicians are bad" and the "both sides do it" remains in force.

In fact, by the "both side do it rule," aby politicians who haven't whined that they can't but Greenland, are shifted downward in the bad centrists estimation.

And of course the bad centrist remains blessedly free of responsibility.

Another day, another word salad by anonymouse. And of course, as a troll, you offer no candidate, no platform, no policies, no ideas. You never stake out a position, because that’s probably not within your purview.

You scream Trump Bad! Which most of us agree with. Yet you point to nothing else, nothing better, nothing that could be open to scrutiny.

Instead you scream and rant and vomit word salad in so many uneducated pixels. Our very own MR schizophrenic vagrant, taking methamphetamines and screaming at a digital wall and smearing his metaphorical feces against the monitor.

If you’re not a paid for poster, you can enlighten us. Who do you support in the Primary and why?

You won’t, because that’s not what you’re paid for. Tell us your opinions on the primary, and actual policy choices.

Yeah, you won’t. That would violate the paid per comment rule.

Dudley? The Fed is divine in origin and it's emanations are inspired from on high. Trump is a heretic. No surprise here.

Loans? A source. Wait three days on this one.

Suspension of Parliament? Some hardball based on tradition. Conservatives with spine are a threat to everything. The mushy kind that go along are much easier to deal with.

Iranian attack. Golan Heights, lots of Iranian military and proxies in the area. Aren't there missiles being shot at Israel regularly? New Tech, defenses worked. Tuesday.

A Hungarian chess player does at 91. Pension actuaries around the world ponder how the*uck are we going to make this work if everyone lives this long.

You put Brexit to referendum and Brexit wins. So, Britain has to leave the EU. Period. If you didn't want Brexit, you shouldn't have put it up for referendum.

If Parliament thwarts a referendum which they themselves declared legally binding, then they should be dissolved.

2016 was an uncomfortable reminder to establishmentarians like Tyler that sovereignty is always up for grabs.

Hmm. Who is supreme in the British system of government? It not dear old Queen Liz even though she's the Sovereign. 1688 decided that. But it isn't They The People. Like it or not Parliament is supreme in the UK. Dismissing Parliament to get around opposition to one's policy preference is the act of a tyrant. Charles I lost his head for that. And Cromwell's rotting corpse was exhumed and hanged.

If Parliament didn't want this test of their sovereignty, then they shouldn't have put Brexit to a referendum. They did, and the populi, the ultimate sovereign, told them to leave. So they either leave or admit they don't actually represent the populi. And if they don't represent the populi, then the populi will understandably want a new Parliament.

Sovereignty is serious business, and it's always up for grabs.

So do they execute someone every year when a parliamentary session is ended and a speech from the throne is read?

This is parliamentary procedure. The timing is up to the Prime Minister. If there are enough votes they could demand a vote of confidence and the government would fall, but obviously they either don't have the votes and/or don't want to trigger an election knowing Labour probably would win.

From what I understand Boris is going to have his agenda read by the queen then call an election. The epitome of a tyrant.

No clue who would win. Recent surveys indicate that the Tories might have a larger plurality over Labour than was the case in 2017, but that both have lost support to the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party. The Liberal Party and the UKIP polled about 9% of the vote in sum in 2017, and indications are as of now that they might poll 33% in sum. Polled support for the Tories is 25% off the actual results in 2017 and for the Labour party 37% off (to leave them with 32% and 25% respectively).

Yeah that's exactly what tyrants do.

Planned Iranian drone attack on Israel?

Drone wars are here. According to the news, the USA. Also we have a squad of F22s, in Qatar. I am anxious to see what happens at the Qatar air base when a bunch of 3,000 drones drop fire crackers on all those sensitive 200 million dollar jets.

For comparison. I can make a drone out of $10 in Dollar tree foam boars, plus $80 in electronics. I can fly to Qatar, make four or five of these, send them from my hotel window, then fly back. I likely would make 20 billion in jets useless.

A bit of unsolicited advice, if I may. Don't use the "I can" formulation. Use "Somebody can." The "I can" will morph around the interwebs to become "Matt is thinking about..." to "Matt wants to ..." and finally to "Matt said he will..."
Soon Matt will be talking to men piling out of black SUVs.

Sure dude, get right on that.

Consumer tech that could be adapted to build small improvised cruise missiles has been available to the gifted amateur for almost twenty years, yet for some reason it doesn't happen. My suspicion is that people with this talent have better things to do.

A long time ago, this guy from New Zealand did exactly as you described:

"Suspension of British Parliament?"

Playing chicken with the EU by throwing the steering wheel out the window?

The EU pretty much expects a no deal Brexit on Oct. 31, and has for months. The amusing thing is that even if the British ask for an extension, the EU will likely reject it, so as to finally get the UK to leave the EU.

Yes, there are details, but at this point, the British idea that the UK is really, really important to the EU is just another example of Brexiters ignoring what other people are saying. For 3 years, people like Johnson have been saying that the EU will undoubtedly let the UK have its cake and eat it too, or the road to Brussels goes through Berlin, or any number of other oublic - such as voting for a withdrawal agreement he now says is utterly unacceptable.

The truly amusing thing is that unless the UK asks for an extension, they are out of the EU on Oct. 31. Yet somehow, the fact that the UK is in charge seems to never be acknowledged by Brexiters. Admittedly, the smarter ones see a looming no-deal disaster, and in response, keep hitting their proven strategy - blame the EU. In this case, for letting the UK leave the EU without the EU giving the UK whatever the UK wants.

There is a certain ironic aspect to this - after taking back control (just to emphasize - only the UK can change that Oct. 31 exit deadline), the Brexiters seem to think that the EU is still in charge.

Requisite specificity: "another August day in the news"--August being the month long-designated by our Media Establishment as the month when the only events to occur are covered in feature news accounts.

(Maybe something notable will occur in September: just like people themselves, events too have been trained to abide by the chronometric standards of our corrupt and corrupting media tyrants.)

I'm confused by this post. Who is Dudley or Pal Benko? Is this Dudley character famous enough that he can just go by one name, like Bono, Cher, or Prince?

Which loans did the Russians co-sign? Who was the borrower and what was the collateral?

Iran is going to use its superior technology to put the screws to Israel. Real soon now, I'm sure.

@Jeff R - who is Pal Benko? Seriously? Dudley you can Google and see it's some ex-Fed board member (of no real interest to anybody since money is largely neutral, hence, outside of hyperinflation, the Fed doesn't really matter much), but you should know Pal Benko is a chess grandmaster extraordinaire. In fact, the year before TC won the New Jersey state chess championship in the mid 1970s (which requires an Elo of around 2400 IMO, or at least a performance rating about that, which is International Master territory), GM Benko won it. He also has an opening named after him (the Benko gambit, still sound today) despite his disparagement of openings (see his obituary). Later Benko became a master chess problem composer.

Who is Pal Benko he says? Ray shakes his head in disbelief. No wonder humanity has no future and most people don't even know what a patent is...

Non-tl;dr version: Pal Benko was history's greatest fixer of flawed logical proofs. A specialized kind of logic, to be sure, but the beauty was sublime and the rigor was achieved mostly without computer aid.

Was Dudley a member of the Deep State?

Is it a coincidence that he used to be a big shot at Goldman Sachs?

What's next?

How about Andrew McCabe gets arrested?

Secret files of Epstein go public.

Another enemy of Hillary Clinton commits suicide.

"Wealthy former Hillary Clinton donor Stephen Rosenberg is using shell company to back Trump"

Looks like the Trump molecules are winning today, Tyler!

Let's run through these quickly.
Dudley: one of the most underrated players of the past decade. Not clear that teams have yet realized they can convert SFs to 5s even before they get old and slow. BBIQ > all else.

Russian co-signed loans? Hopefully they can co-sign my loan, lol!

Suspension of British Parliament? Did they spray-paint someone's car? The day-to-day drama in British politics seems like a colossal waste of time to care about. Cummings is the only live player. I'll figure it out once they either Brexit or don't.

Planned Iranian drone attack on Israel? I'll sure this will be addressed calmly and rationally on all sides, nothing to see here.

Pal Benko passes away: no idea who this is.

What will it be tomorrow? I assume five random stories of approximately the same import. Some names, some countries.

I have noticed it, too. Lame, lying Dems are sore losers. Sad.

Puerto Rico is one of the most corrupt places on earth. Their political system is broken and their politicians are either Incompetent or Corrupt. Congress approved Billions of Dollars last time, more than anyplace else has ever gotten, and it is sent to Crooked Pols. No good!........And by the way, I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to Puerto Rico!

Our Federal Reserve cannot “mentally” keep up with the competition - other countries. At the G-7 in France, all of the other Leaders were giddy about how low their Interest Costs have gone. Germany is actually “getting paid” to borrow money - ZERO INTEREST PLUS! No Clue Fed!


"Former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who called the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, said he did not regret that decision.

Cameron told the BBC, as he headed off for a morning run on Wednesday: "I don't regret calling the referendum. It was a promise I made two years before the 2015 general election — it was included in the manifesto, it was legislated for in parliament — six out of seven members of all parties voted for that referendum."

Cameron said he did regret losing the campaign to stay in the EU, noting the "difficulties and the problems we've been having trying to implement the result of that referendum."

Cameron resigned after the referendum and was replaced as prime minister by Theresa May,"

Stepping back from the vote, it was very close, which means, even if Cameron had won, he would have had to acknowledge that the country was evenly divided on the issue. So, when he called the for the referendum, it was incumbent on him, as being leader of the country, of having a plan for leaving if he lost. Instead, he lost the vote, and then quit. People keep saying that pro - Brexit leaders should have had a plan for leaving the EU, and that's a fair point. But the leader who called for the vote was at least as responsible if not more so, for having a Plan B. Otherwise, calling for a vote you're unprepared for, is asinine no matter what you promised.

My point is that Cameron is directly responsible for what has happened, and his subsequent behavior has probably validated some people's vote to Brexit, even if they might regret seeing the country go through such anguish. After all, no one should call for a vote that they are notprepared to lose.

Good example of why putting political guns in the hands of some people leads to their party's political suicide.

Things will be so great if there is a hard Brexit. The pound will fall even lower, and I will be able to take an even longer vacation.

Bring it on.

Make England Great Again!

Brexit ranks with Prop 13 in the top ten list of Why Referenda Are Always and Everywhere a Terrible Idea.

While we’re at it, make senators elected by state legislatures again and remove the primary system for all candidates, President through state representative.

Make the World Sane Again, Remove Direct Democracy

No Trumps, no Brexit, no Warren, no Sanders

Dudley. From the Washington Examiner: "Want to know how to spot someone who was unaffected by the last recession? Look for the people who argue now that another economic disaster would be worth it if it means President Trump loses his 2020 reelection bid."

Is this next in the news?

At least the suspension of the UK Parliament is within precedent. But I don't think kicking someone out of Parliament -- sorry, Congress -- who was voted in by their representatives because the current President doesn't like them isn't how US democracy is supposed to work.

Only one of the items seems to have links: wassup?

"Russian co-signed loans"

TC, mood affiliation much?

Pro-tip: give at least 24 hours for news from MSNBC to go through an actual vetting process as their incentives are distorted from their base and don't think the news from Never Trumpers on Twitter that you follow is truth.

"Last night I made an error in judgment by reporting an item about the president’s finances that didn’t go through our rigorous verification and standards process. I shouldn’t have reported it and I was wrong to discuss it on the air. I will address the issue on my show tonight."

You sure the air wasn't let out of your tyres by US ultra nationalists opposed to American made cars? I once had the air let out of my horse's hooves by fossil fuel activists.

MSNBC is basically retracting the Russia thing. But Tyler probably won some plaudits in the faculty lounge, which means more to him that mere factual accuracy.

It serve its purpose, the lie will be remembered while the retraction won't be mentioned by anyone who matters, certainly not by Cowen taking this down or acknowledging O'Donnell's quick retreat. Astonishing to me how far Cowen has fallen in his standards. Peer pressure on him must be simply unreal.

Well, I do have to admit that pointing out that a story is in the news is pretty much the very definition of factual inaccuracy. Why just the other day I discussed Game of Thrones online which is something that doesn't even exist, so there is really no end to our internet perfidy.

A Straussian meaning? MSNBC=HBO?

No, I'm a foreigner, so I'm not even sure what MSNBC is. I assume HBO made GoT.

"Planned Iranian drone attack on Israel"

I guess the point is that only Israel is allowed to attack other countries with drones.

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