California markets in everything

A Taco Bell hotel with Taco Bell themed items and equipment:

Just as guests began arriving at The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort on Thursday, a viral tweet made the rounds connecting the fast food chain to conservative-leaning political contributions made by its corporate parent, YUM! Brands. Would that cast a cloud over the pop-up activation, which had been in the works for over a year? Would the flood of Instagram influencers, YouTube vloggers, and Taco Bell enthusiasts be less likely to gleefully share their Fire Sauce-smothered content? The answer, of course, was no.

People really, really love Taco Bell. Every reservation for The Bell’s four-night run ($169 per night) booked up in under two minutes.

Here is the full story, via Shaffin.


I would eat at Taco Bell if Chick-fil-A wasn't closer.

They are different things. One shapes grade-C meat into ethnic foodstuffs and the other virtue signals their holiness when all you want is a sandwich.

Trump did it. Got his henchman to nail Epstein. Old Jeff had too much dirt on everybody including a couple of POTUSes. It was only a matter of time. Don't let the media fool you.

Bill Barr was in charge. Kinda hard when your dad and your boss are both all tangled up with pedos. I guess you just have to make it go away.

so far so good!
the taco bell opens hotel
but the taco bell is "complicit" (great new buzzword!)
the taco bell must be punished, but most people like the taco bell
better than they like the smith college church ladies!

the guards didn't follow standard procedure either .................

the smith college church ladies are gonna have a busy week
shaming not just taco bell but about a dozen other companies they have deemed complicit!

If any guard/prison admin makes any large purchases in the coming weeks, we'll know who did it.

Suicide watch apparently is security theater since it failed in one of the most high profile cases ever. Cameras that don't work, guards that were elsewhere, Epstein found enough material somewhere to do the deed. Something's fishy.

Giuliani's take sounds conspiratorial:

All that's fishy is Trump's DOJ is incompetent.

otoh mebbe u slipped in the of sophistry
the people at filet de pollo don't actually
" virtue signal their holiness when all you want is a sandwich."
they are likable people who when you order sandwich
get you a sandwich. also free refills on drinks!

They have to keep up with Oscar Mayer, which just put the Wienermobile on AirBnb.

Also, Taco Mode on Lyft is now a thing:

I love Taco Bell. It is the pinnacle and exemplar of everything California, and has been since it was frozen in time, in 1975.

I must write a monograph . .

It is a particular version of California. Not all Californians would say it is the pinnacle. Ask Northern Californians. McDonald's, like Taco Bell, also came from the Inland Empire and symbolizes not just a slice of California but it is the symbol of America. Not all Americans will like that choice.

Hi Thiago!

I love your new fake names - so old Yankee!

“People really, really love Taco Bell. Every reservation for The Bell’s four-night run ($169 per night) booked up in under two minutes.”

I weep for my country.

Taco Bell's political contributions were well spent.

What do you think the position of Taco Bell is with respect to the minimum wage?

As for the hotel, do they serve hot salsa in bed?

Here are some Taco Bell employees reviews of their employers employment practices:,9_KH10,22.htm

Taco Bell is the lowest paying national fast food chain:

It stands to reason, because they'll be hiring mostly illegals.

As often happens, SMBC was there first:

People really, really love Taco Bell. aka, Americans, really, really love ironic kitsch?

Just kitsch. And yes, Americans love that stuff: Las Vegas, Disneyland, Taco Bell,'s all there

I hate that sh*t - I never go!!


Jeffrey Epstein: "Yeah, but only the rich guys, Bill. The little guys got knocked off and all their estates went to the Emperors. Unless they went home and killed themselves, then nothing happened. And the families...the families were taken care of."

Bill Barr: "That was a good break. A nice deal."

Jeffrey: "Yeah...They went home...and sat in a hot bath...opened up their veins...and bled to death...and sometimes they had a little party before they did it."

Nailed it. I award you 20 internet points.

Is this supposed to be celebration of everything . . . . Mexican? The word Mexican or Mexico does not appear in the linked story. Taco Bell food is described as "Mexican inspired". It's "Mexican inspired" in much the same way as President Trump is "George Washington inspired". As inspired Americans are often reminded by the George Washington inspired Trump, much in America is fake: fake news, fake food, fake colleges (and fake college majors and degrees to complement the fake colleges), fake presidents, even fake orgasms. Fake is even an inspiration: fake it until you make it. We are the fake nation. Cowen looks forward to the day when fake reality (a/k/a virtual reality) replaces the real thing so scarce natural resources are conserved for consumption by the fake American royalty.

Ok, the "inspired" line made me lol.

Demolition Man - our future history.

I am waiting for the Del Taco Casino Hotel.

That viral tweet is also misleading to the point of lying, because it's not about "conservative-leaning political contributions made by its corporate parent" but "political contributions made by anyone who works for the company," even people who have absolutely no major role in the company and are donating for purely private reasons. Admittedly, since corporations can't directly donate to candidates anyway, it can be difficult to distinguish between contributions made by top executives and those by regular employees (especially for a giant corporation; for a small company it may be easier), but that tweet made no attempt to do so.

A good sanity check is to run similar requests from the public data for donating to other candidates. Indeed, such reveals that for a number of those companies (including conservative Chick-Fil-A), the contributions made a number of individual Democrats for the 2020 election exceed that made to Trump for his re-elect. (Though since the Democratic primaries are right now and are more competitive, more should be contributed anyway.)

Hopefully at least the plumbing system is grade A

Can we just stop with the political siloing?

I'm not interested in make buying decisions based on politics. I resent it when pitchfork brigades form up to punish companies for their owners' perceived thoughtcrimes.

This kind of activism boils down to "All the cool kids think X, and so you should too." It's anti-intellectual noise -- insulting and wearying.

How about we start thinking for ourselves? We're out of practice, certainly, but maybe if we didn't outsource the work to our favorite news networks and celebrity influencers, we could talk to other persons, including some who hold different views, and come to our own conclusions.

It's a theory, anyway.

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