FT Business Book of the Year award

I am pleased to have made the longlist (FT link) with my Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero*.


Congratulations. Well deserved. Having read some of the competition, as I'm sure you have, I feel good for your chances at the short list as well.

I don’t have access to the FT long list.

What are some of the other notable titles. I’m a reader...


Congrats! Well deserved. Too bad FT editors don't take your book more to heart.

I know you're too cool for this and think it's cliche and banal, but congrats Tyler, seriously! I hope it helps with the promotion of your book.

Other than that, FT are weak, pseudo a-political on how they selectively block which articles will have comments or not as they are sometimes more interesting than the articles and have their share of Russiagater nutters.

Izabella Kaminska keeps FT interesting and needs to leverage her bargaining position for her salary!

Congratulations! Just making the short list is a huge accomplishment in particular given the generally UK/European bias of the FT


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