(Expensive) markets in everything

Department store Neiman Marcus is helping people with their indecisiveness by selling asymmetrical jeans.

The $462 high-waisted jeans feature one skinny leg and one wide leg.

They can be bought in a medium blue color, ranging from sizes x-small to large.

Via Daniel Lippman.


Yeah, I believe it was Stigler & Becker who said that fashion changes would occur more frequently with cheap commodities.

Let me say that cheap goods allow those with no sense to also purchase their preferred attributes. :-)

This is peak fashion. It's all down hill from here.

At least the jeans do exist and are mass produced...unlike those solar tiles/roof from 3 years ago ;)

I bought a pair after fracturing my left ankle.

Premium economy in a blender.

I'd say asymmetry in general is currently very trendy, from women's hairdos to non-matching socks to diagonal-hem skirts.

...to prototype cars that look strangely good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvHFr7owewo

skip to 1m20s if you're not into things not related to cars =)

Only cucks dress like that. Cucks.

In some places Neiman Marcus is known as Needless Markup. Yesterday, Cowen reminded readers that Americans have no taste when it comes to clothing, while I suggested it's the result of a conspiracy among the designers of clothing, payback for whatever slights they may have suffered. Speaking of slights, it seems that the world changers in Silicon Valley have very thin skins, and that it's a serious violation of protocol to tell the truth about a startup that succeeds only in burning through investors' cash. When Col. Jessup said "You can't handle the truth!", who knew he was referring to the few good men in Silicon Valley. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/10/style/oh-behave.html

While dumb, it's far from the dumbest fashion product in existence. It appears to be perfectly functional and fit for purpose, unlike, say, high heels.

Most of the garments we use are a fashion choice.

The simplest proof that not everything is so rational is that a substantial investment in air conditioning must be done before people is be able to wear "perfectly functional and fit for purpose clothing".

$462 for a pair of jeans? A pair of broken-in, pre-worn, hole-less jeans can be purchased at a thrift store for $6.99. That leaves $455.01 that can be spent on whiskey and prime rib. Priorities. Of course, we don't know as yet if anyone has purchased or worn the asymmetrical jeans.

A bunch of (mostly) economically-minded men commenting on women's fashions -- lol. I have no idea whether or not this will succeed, but if it does it will be (like designer handbags costing many times as much) intended to impress other women not to attract men. And why would something this apparently ridiculous ever impress other women? Because, for a while, it became the in thing -- possibly after some influencer/celebrity I've never heard of wears it on some show/youtube channel I've never watched. Or maybe because some boho chicks in a trendy neighborhood started wearing them. Anyway, humans are endlessly amusing (and I wonder if I'll ever see a pair in the wild).

You're paying for the shopping experience itself. For knowing that someone cares enough about you (and those like you) to make weird stuff that only a few people like you would appreciate.

Can a thrift store do that? Of course not: at best, their goods were made for someone else. And then they became unwanted castaways, unwanted even by those who once appreciated them.

Prof Cowen. This is an example of Intrinsic Disorientation. It is a name for the state of being found by getting lost.

I actually would like them even less if there were two of those bunchy "skinny" legs.

Bootcut forever!

A market in bad taste.

You guys are a bunch of suckers for hipster creatives at an ad agency,

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