The Shrug platform is now open

The Socioeconomic High-resolution Rural-Urban Geographic Platform for India (SHRUG) is a geographic platform that facilitates data sharing between researchers working on India. It is an open access repository currently comprising dozens of datasets covering India’s 500,000 villages and 8000 towns using a set of a common geographic identifiers that span 25 years.

Here is the link, this was a program, with Paul Novosad and Sam Asher, supported by Emergent Ventures.


Encouraging to see they're closing the acronym gap

Could have chosen a more auspicious acronym.

In developing countries, doing good is often misinterpreted as doing evil, so it's just a matter of time before this effort is shut down by ignorant minds. Cases in point: adoption agencies were shut down first in Latin America then Russia and elsewhere, and in Africa, Ebola virus workers are persecuted, as well as food aid workers, by rebel militias.

Raj for short.

While India flounders, Brazil rebounds to heights never achieved before. Brazil's leader, President Captain Bolsonaro has offically decided to nominate Mr. Aras, a distinguished public servant, to lead the country's ongoing anti-corruption drive.

Does Mr Aras own machine guns?

Oh, no. Mr. Aras is a prosecutor. He has been chosen to lead the Brazilian Federal Prosecution Office. It is a role similar to America's Attorney General. By nominaring a like-minded prosecutor, Brazil's President Captain Bolsonaro can consolidate his power and further his anti-crime efforts.

Sarcasm is lost on Thiago.

No, it is not.

Mr. Wesley, why are you answering for Thiago? Shouldn't he speak for himself?

I can't condone injustice. I have met Mr. Ribeiro. He is a very sharp and honorable man.

Yes, so say many commentators here on MR. One Thiago, many nom de plumes.

I really do not know what you mean by this.

Extremely impressive considering the challenges in volved. Kudos also to emergent ventures for supporting them.

The link does not allow you to download data. Repeatedly throws an error. It is just set up for virtue signalling

I think you need to signup first.

The comment was made after signing up and trying to download to be met with errors

If you're encountering errors, we'd appreciate it if you could send us details at at We've had lots of successful downloads already but please let us know what error you're getting and where.

The website download works using a different computer. Thanks!

Can we get a book of maps based on this data? You know, a SHRUG Atlas.

LOL. Tryly ein Rand fan.

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