Yak loose in Virginia after escaping transport to the butchers

A yak is on the loose in the US state of Virginia after escaping from a trailer on its way to the butchers.

Meteor, a three-year-old who belongs to farmer Robert Cissell of Nature’s Bridge Farm in Buckingham, Virginia, has been missing since Tuesday.

Mr Cissell told the BBC Meteor had been raised for meat and described the animal as “aloof”.

He said if captured the yak would “most likely live out his life here with our breeding herd”.

Kevin Wright, an animal control supervisor for Nelson County, said: “It broke through a stop sign and we’ve been trying to catch it for a while. It’s a well-mannered creature and clearly doesn’t want to be handled.”

…The animal was seen at a bed and breakfast in the county but is believed to have wandered to the mountains.

Here is the full story, via Michelle Dawson.


Appropriate: https://youtu.be/ZnHmskwqCCQ

"-Yakety Sax- Music" - I thought it would be a Gary Larson cartoon, captioned "eAt mOr cKicken"

Bonus trivia: livestock can stampede and kill you, as can a charging buck deer if they hit you with their antlers. Happens a few times every few years. When in Thailand and the Philippines I stand well clear of the Brahma bulls and domesticated water buffaloes. Even a small pig is all muscle and can harm you if it wanted to. Tried to catch one once and it almost yanked my arm off the socket.

What's the market, liberty, or intellectual curiosity angle to this story? I'm confused.

May be the fact that it could head to the Capital nearby famous for Yakety Yak.

Yak it to ME?

Where all the cucks at? Virginia.

A yak was seen at a b&b... That’s the headline folks.

Are you sure it was a yak and not John Bolton? They say he didn't take the firing too well and just let his mustache totally grow all out.

Nice PSA. How is one to respond upon encountering a yak?

Yak session?

"You know what's gonna happen to you? I am gonna march you over to the zoo and feed you to the yak."

No Yak Is Illegal.

Call the Department of Homeland Security.

We are under an imminent

Yak Attack!!

Build that Wall!!

I always liked the ancient practice that, if a criminal set to be hanged survived the noose they’d be reprieved.

The farmer may just be saying that so people won't hesitate to report sightings.

The creatures best hope is to head to Yogaville

Do yaks have foresight?

So there will be no baking yak?

Virginia Markets in everything. Yak burgers.

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