The ocean of Encedalus, moon of Saturn

Last year, some of the same research team reported finding complex organic macromolecules within the water vapor that were likely floating on the surface of Enceladus’ ocean. This year, they followed up with a more sophisticated analysis of what sorts of molecules were dissolved into the ocean water. The compounds found within Enceladus’ water vapor plumes, which are responsible for most of the content of Saturn’s E ring, are believed to be present in the liquid subsurface ocean that exists underneath the south pole rather than being the result of contamination as the water escapes from its subsurface prison. That’s significant because many of the nitrogen and oxygen-based compounds the researchers detected are also essential to amino acids here on Earth…

“If the conditions are right, these molecules coming from the deep ocean of Enceladus could be on the same reaction pathway as we see here on Earth,” said Nozair Khawaja, who led the research team of the Free University of Berlin. “We don’t yet know if amino acids are needed for life beyond Earth, but finding the molecules that form amino acids is an important piece of the puzzle.” Khawaja’s findings were published Oct. 2 in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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"Isovaline is a rare amino acid transported to earth by the Murchison meteorite, which landed in Australia in 1969. The discovery of isovaline in the biosphere demonstrates an extraterrestrial origin of amino acids and has been linked to the homochirality of life on earth suggesting a role in the origin of life."

Might become an important analgesic.

It's not a moon, it's a large warm amoeba.

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There is a typo in the title. Enceladus, not Encedalus.

It is hard to take this site seriously with such an egregious error. Pray it does not happen again.

Maybe TC also misspelled the name of the planet Sanrut.

A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.

NASA needs to make themselves relevant and send a probe to Enceladus and quit wasting resources on trying to get a minority woman to the Boring Red Planet.

Why don't they send a probe to YourAnus? You might like it.


BTW on the science side I wish we would just start seeding as well, i.e. if we have rare life on this planet that can survive and florish in these extremes, or Titan/Venus/Mars,, then let's seed them with invasive species already and see where it goes.

Why does MR attract such disagreeable commentators?

It's a by-product of the last presidential election. Prof. Cowen wrote so often about Trump as candidate that got the attention of these people. It wasn't like that before.

Trump got elected. It means you don't have to be on your best behavior. Especially around the "serious" people. Noticed this everywhere on the English speaking internet.

Poor moderation.

It's just one of the many gifts Trump gives us: coarsened, dumbed-down discourse in his wake. This is the future Trumpies chose.

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