Condi Rice to be the new head of Hoover Institution


I still wanted her to run for Prez

Far better than the current one. I wanted Colin Powell to run.

Well, the last one anyways. Next, Nikki Haley.

I said the current one, Rice would be far better than Trump, obviously. And far worse than Obama, just as obviously. Nikki Haley seems ok to me also but I don't know much about her.

As U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations from 2009 to 2013 she did a pretty good job. Nice to see that the Benghazi thing has blown over.

🤔 I wonder how many US citizens you must think she would extrajudicially drone strike, and how many government agencies she would task with unconstitutionally spying on every American, if you think she'd even come close to worse than Obama.

Maybe he considers those positives.

# No doubt
Rice yes, Powell no. And not just because he lied to the UN. I think of Colin Powell as one of the most overrated public figures. What has he ever accomplished?

I see the contingent for whom the biggest problem with Trump is that he doesn't start enough forever wars is out in full force.

Smedley Butler--- your name explains more about US foreign, trade and military policy than entire textbooks.

Except that it's worse today. The US military-intelligence complex has become a global guard service not just for U S corporations, but for multinationals.

And you are right. I wish there was some way to make the people that want such a global hyper-mobilized mercenary military to pay for it.

We could start by taxing the Hoover Institution!

Put some skin in the game and deport all of the Hoover Institution and all the other chickenhawks to the Middle East since they are obsessed with it. Principal-agent problem solved!

Surcharge all imported oil until fees that pay for the navy's presence in the persian gulf are recovered.

Amazing how many of the people that claim to want a woman president or more women of color in high office never seem to mention Condi Rice or Nikki Haley. I remember a few years ago when Condi Rice and Christine Lagarde were shamefully disinvited as commencement speakers. I wonder how many of the people calling for disinvitation back then now claim to want a woman president, claim that Hillary lost because of sexism, or claim that Warren is faltering or Kamala Harris lost because they are women.

Tulsi has the same problem that Sarah Palen did. She's too physically attractive to be considered intelligent.

Neither Rice nor Haley ran for President while Warren, Hillary, and Harris all did. That's the reason for the disparity. For GOP women, Fiorina did run for President and was quoted for saying that Hillary was a victim of sexism and claimed she was a victim of Trump's sexism!

It seems right of center institutions plan sticking to neoconservatism.

Rice isn't a neoconservative, she's a Cold War style hawk.

What is your definition of a neo-conservative?

A conservative that liberally starts wars and liberally bails out failed industries.

Neo-con: A liberal mugged by reality.

Bill Kristol certainly nailed it with this cutting observation in the run up to the Iraq war: "There's a certain amount of pop psychology in America that the Shia can't get along with the Sunni and the Shia in Iraq just want to establish some kind of Islamic fundamentalist regime. There's almost no evidence of that at all. Iraq's always been very secular."

Mugged by reality indeed.

Just like Churchill stuck to invading the soft underbelly of Europe to bring a war decisively closer to its end.

And of course, the soft underbelly of Europe was anything but soft. It did knock Italy out of the war, so it was a psychological victory.

The invasion of Sicily happened during the epic Battle of Kursk on the Eastern Front. Hitler was forced to divert resources and the German offensive stalled. After Kursk the final outcome of the war was never again in doubt. In that sense, it was far more than a mere psychological victory.

PS, the firebombing of Hamburg also happened in that same month, destroying much of the city and key armaments industry infrastructure. Lest anyone imagines that the Western Allies were simply sitting idle until D-Day.

Kursk was a fracking disaster for the Germans. Nothing was going to fix it. The Russians set a giant bear trap and the Germans jumped in with both feet.

In any case, I'm not implying that the Allies decision to attack was flawed. Just that the choice of Italy, with it's continuous chain of defendable hard points was questionable.

"Look mummy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky." Then the music turns ominous, because an aeroplane in the sky was a terrible thing.

Nobody remembers Gallipolli, do they? Churchill simply doubled down on his strategic vision in Italy in WWII, making him the perfect exemplar for neo-conservatives.

Failure is not option for neo-conservatives, it is inevitable. When do we attack Iran by the way? The rose petals are just waiting to be spread at our feet.

I admire Dr. Rice. She wasn't prepared for the job in the GWB administration, but that's because her expertise was the Soviet Union not the middle east. As for the Hoover Institution, I suppose it's fitting that Dr. Rice, having served in the GWB administration, would now serve in the institution named for Herbert Hoover, GWB and Hoover being distinguished as the greatest failures as president.

Hoover gets bad press for what was essentially a bank panic (1929-1933) caused by US 'unit-banking' (small time one branch un-diversified banks). Likewise FDR gets too much credit for what was, if you believe Dr. S. Sumner, hat tip to Dr. B. Eichengreen, a move off of gold that cured the Great Depression (from 1934-to WWII was FDR bungling that prolonged it).

As for Dr. Rice, she was a Stanford student at one time, so this is a homecoming for her.

Bonus trivia: at the site of Hoover's greatest erection I was holding a copy of "Free to Choose" and had none other than Dr. M. Friedman walk by. I smiled, and he seemed to take a few steps in my direction (so I thought) like he expected me to ask him to autograph the book. In fact it was just a coincidence I was reading that book there. Ray Lopez meets Milton Friedman, like two ships passing in the night...

FDR’s genius was not going off the gold standard alone. Hoover considered it, but decided not to push all borrowers deep underwater when their loan contracts said they had to pay in gold equivalents.

FDR got Congress to do the “gold clause ban” that banned payable in gold clauses in all contracts. Thus, the lenders lost out in the devaluation, not the borrowers, which was more politically acceptable.

"As for Dr. Rice, she was a Stanford student at one time"
And Provost for a while too.

And Provost 1993-1999

I wonder what that says about all the esteemed scholars who work at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs. Unlike them, at least the Hoover Institution can point out that it was named after him well before he ever became president.

And yet Hoover must surely have been conspicuously the most intelligent US Prez of the 20th century. Which only goes to show.

Richard Nixon is often cited as that person.

Can you think of any right of center think thanks, radio talk shows, or TV stations that are not neoconservative? Come to think, it isn't even necessary to add "right of center."

Tucker Carlson, whatever else he is, is not a neocon.

He was a neocon and then changed his tune. When leaders lie, that can happen.

...they will tell you the 2003 Iraq war debacle was actually the Democrats' fault, because so many of them voted for it.

Contrary to your opinion, there are those of us who don’t care what letter is next to a politician’s name. Everyone who supported the war is guilty. Never forgive, never forget.

HoR: 296-133

Senate: 77-23

To their eternal credit 126 Dem reps and 21 Dem Senators voted no. Including Sanders.

PS: Time to repeal the AUMF.

...who don't care about party (not sure I buy it from you based on your posting history, but not implausible)

There are also many more who care about nothing else, many of them posting that very idiocy here. I was addressing them.

I’ve never voted for a Republican for president. I will admit voting for a Republican candidate for State senator years ago as a protest vote against some absurdity level corruption and sleaze.

I believe Leland Yee is now a guest of the Feds?

Regardless, we exist. Pro tip: you can want both Hunter Biden and Bolton to testify. Just because Trump is a corrupt buffoon doesn’t mean the Bidens aren’t corrupt buffoons.

If you want to vote values, vote Sanders.

"If you want to vote values, vote Sanders."

Soviet values, agreed.

Absurd and ridiculous lies.

If you’re a Democrat vote Sanders, he’s actually aligned with your agenda. He doesn’t lie. He’s honest and actually supports your positions.

I’ll probably write in Johnson. Values first. Just like anonymous asked for.

She should have become NFL commissioner....would have been much better than Goodell

She gave such good advice before and during Iraq War which lead to all of our success there. I am sure she will do just as well at the Hoover Institute. She can cheerlead our next successful invasion of a ME country.


She'd been the provost at Stanford before joining the Bush admin, so she's got the institutional knowledge and connections.

Fun fact: I know someone who lives near where she lives (or used to live, I don't know if she lives there now), near the Stanford campus. On Halloween, instead of answering the door with candy for trick-or-treaters, she would leave a big bowl of candy by the door for them to take one from. Presumably to avoid having to answer a barrage of trick-or-treaters who were protesters in disguise.

To the Austrians' credit, the absence of fiscal or monetary stimulus led to the collapse of asset prices, and with the collapse of asset prices, the collapse of wealth inequality, which eventually led to the long period of shared prosperity. To our Austrian friends, Hoover deserves our utmost respect, to our Keynesian friends, Hoover deserves our disrespect, to our libertarian friends, libertarians being libertarians, Hoover deserves both our respect and our disrespect.

Um, great one, Boomer

I was working in the Watergate building back in 2003 - there is a small Safeway in the Watergate complex - I ran into her and her secret service members - she was buying frozen dinners. I haven't thought well of her ever since then.

Always failing upwards? Using connections to get sweet gigs? Another bailout so to speak? Who needs to learn to code when you have wealthy benefactors.

But of course it was Russia that caused people to distrust the elites?

She could be just another generic MSM pundit: never held to an account on their track record, demonstrably wrong for the past 20 years but well compensated for yet another article on why you should listen to them again.

I guess Elaine Chao was not available.

Condi Rice is a war criminal and should be renounced not rewarded for selling a war that caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and more than a trillion $ in lost treasure.

I wonder if she listens to EconTalk. Prolly not.

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