Apply for Emergent Ventures

The application form is here, lists of previous cohorts of winners are here.  And please note there are two special tranches:

Progress Studies tranche, and a tranche for:

“advancing humane solutions to those facing adversity – based on tolerance, universality, and cooperative processes”

And might anyone be interested in working on the issue of why production speeds for infrastructure and so many other projects have slowed down so much?

There has been a very impressive group of winners to date.


Ah, a humane society tranche.

I am too much of an asshole to make this work.

Thanks to prof Tyler Cowen and his staff for managing this fund. Very innovative.

Is the UK government advisory service crowding out the private sector in the market for weirdos?

The weight of the self depends on the proportion of self-containment. Thus JFK represent a one in a miracle moment in history; Hendrix, a season of a veteran; Chomsky, numerical insolvency; and Pynchon, perhaps the decency of the angel.

I applied a month-and-half back. I have not heard anything back since then so I am going to assume I didn't get it but...some more mechanisms for application confirmation as well as communication about application review stage could be helpful.

Has anyone from the comments section received funding or are we all racist, sexist deplorables?

You describe me.

But I notice a peculiarity. The more we talk about Abstract Tree theory, the more shadow bankers Peter Thiel funds. I can't make out cause and effect, it is like a movement, everyone 'got it' at the same time. I think George Selgin is the cause.

I was taken aback by the check-off box at the bottom of the application, “I am not a robot.” I hope Tabarrok is right and this ugly prejudice quickly falls away.

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