Tufts University’s Tisch College Launches Center for State Policy Analysis

Tufts University’s Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life today announced the creation of a new, non-partisan Center for State Policy Analysis (cSPA) to ensure that lawmakers and residents in Massachusetts have access to the best information on effective public policy.

cSPA will conduct detailed, independent analyses of current legislative issues and ballot questions in Massachusetts and will widely share this research with the public. The Center aims to partner with experts at Tufts University and beyond to provide real-time analysis that informs legislative debates and helps voters better understand the stakes of ballot initiatives.

Former Boston Globe data-journalist Evan Horowitz will serve as cSPA’s executive director…

Horowitz is also an Emergent Ventures winner, congratulations on the new center!


Oh yes, "non-partisan" -- of course!

+1, is it actually going to be non-partisan and attempt to look at each issue from multiple view points.

Or call it self non-partisan, but consistently lean in one direction.

The words "Boston Globe" at the bottom only added to my immediate suspicions

My thoughts exactly, and I am a former Bostonian.

Non partisan my asp.

Horowitz reminds me of the below guy, who's book on chess I have on my bookshelf. "Israel Albert Horowitz (often known as I. A. Horowitz or Al Horowitz) (November 15, 1907 – January 18, 1973) was an American International Master of chess. He is most remembered today for the books he wrote about chess. ". Like Nakamura, Horowitz must be a common name.

Ashkenazi jews are a small population, yet they are the highest proportion of high IQ, Nobel laureates, and billionaires. Tyler Cowen is Ashkenazi.

What stands out about people like Evan Horowitz is how often they change positions. Horowitz has been all over the place. I suppose Emergent Ventures was created for people like him. Take a chance, make a difference.

Hard to believe this will amount to anything. The Tufts Jumbos are a lousy hockey team.

Great soccer team though!

Yes! A wonderful opportunity to expand the productive partnership between The Party and our Tufts associates. Our Tufty Beijing campus and Confucius Institute are a fine start, and a worthy model for our other USA academic affiliates, in bringing the blessings of our Belt and Brain initiative across governance at all levels in the USA. Forward Comrades!

I will make the audacious claim that independent analyses are good, especially when they widely share this research with the public.

That's pretty much mom and apple pie as far as I'm concerned. Who could possibly be against it?

Against publicly sharing independent analysis? Most universities, Facebook, Google, Twitter, most of the media ... surely you have noticed.

Got your Charles Murray tickets yet?

With Murray, a get out of jail free card would be more appropriate.

I notice quite a cottage industry discussing Murray's new book. We are certainly past the many thousands of words, maybe millions of words have been written at this point.

Isn't it really just a political talking point to demand that specific universities provide a special forum for that?

But for what it's worth, I think
this book is better.

It attempts to cover ground well-trodden in 1968 by Marvin Harris in The Rise of Anthropological Theory.

I doubt it, because Superior and the new DNA informed population geneticists agree.

The odd ducks are actually fighting the science at this point. But they're "edgy," so I guess they have that.

Tennessee already has free tuition for 2 year colleges. Why can't other states pay for it themselves?

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