Dog-walking markets in thwarting the Spanish lockdown

4 people in Alicante were ticketed for violating the State of Alarm for walking the same dog. Seems there were trying to get out of their apartments to walk their dog, only it wasn’t theirs. I’d like to know if the owner of the dog was pimping it out for walks. Update: People are pimping out their dogs for walks Going rate seems to be between 20 and 25 Euros per walk.

That is from a reader (Marty O.) email, in turn from a contact in Spain, here is an associated article those dogs are pretty tired by now.


My point of peak panic is when people realize the dogs and cats can carry coronavirus, and we ask for an immediate termination of all domestic animals.

Probably harder to do than just say than any overweight person over 70 doesn't get to go to the hospital.

Didn't many British kill their dogs just before WW II?

W.H.O. has said that domestic animals aren't carriers.
So..... WHO let the dogs out.


So awful it's brilliant. Outstanding work, Watts

Isn't this how we get to Conquest of the Planet of the Apes?

My Chihuahua likes to sniff pee spots. Am I in danger?

Tallies with reports from Italy of people seen jogging with absolutely exhausted-looking dogs

I don't understand. People being walked by dogs.

It really shouldn't be rocket science for governments to figure out the right measures to take, the right way to communicate about those measures and choose the right level of enforcement. Why is it nevertheless?

Obviously this kind of evasion of the measures is what you get when your measures are unreasonable. It's fine if people go out for a walk, with or without a dog. As long as they give each other a wide berth. The problem is people talking to each other, touching each others' stuff or being in close physical contact in other ways. Not people being outside where someone else may have been outside a minute before.

This dossn't make me laugh. It makes me sad and worried. There has not been such a massive restriction of freedom in democratic countries since World War II (and even then, not everywhere). I hope that if, after the crisis, it becomes clear that the measure was excessive or counter-productive, there will be a massive political backlash against the governments (and governors, in the US) who have taken these decisions.

In Germany, there were signs that the exponential upwards curve in new coronavirus infections is levelling off for the first time due to the strict social distancing measures in force, the head of the country’s public health institute said on Monday.

However, Lothar Wieler, the president of the Robert Koch Institute, urged caution, saying many health authorities had not yet submitted their data from the weekend. “I will only be able to confirm this trend definitively on Wednesday,” he said. But he said he remained optimistic.

The data everywhere shows the leveling offs are just people not taking the tests in such numbers as before. The ratio of positives in the population with flu-like symptoms, though, never changes much. It is that ratio people should be following, not the numbers of tests or even the numbers of positives. I think what happens is pretty obvious- as people start to panic about their geographic location, they suddenly want to be tested if they are sick with any virus, but this panic peaks as mental exhaustion sets in, and the people sick with any virus start to get tested less and less- it looks like an explosion in COVID, then a leveling off, but it really isn't. Whatever the virus is doing, it just keeps doing during this process of panic and decline of panic.

You claimed you were "technically" a doctor in one of the previous posts. Are you? What specific profession or training do you have, as you seem to be making more political statements than the health ones you made last week. From your comments, it sounds like you are in Germany. Correct? If so, what has been the reaction in the populace.

I am a doctor in philosophy, a PhD. The branch of philosophy I am working on is pure mathematics. You might call me (and it may be related) a liberty lover.

I am not in Germany. I am French and I am currently in the US where I work (using zoom fore my teaching, now). I have no idea of what the reaction is in Germany. My family (included my very close is in France) but it is not clear to me what French people think either. We'll see.

I see a sad pattern that with any crisis, be it terrorism or a pandemics,
many governments adopt a discourse of war ("we are at war", said Macron five times in its speech on tv, watched by 35M French people, last week), but "war" doesn't mean fighting the ennemies (for the coronavirus, with our immune systems, and putting what we can put of our resources to our medical and epidemiological science, to the production of medical material, to our doctors and nurses and volunteers) but restricting our civil liberties (and making almost everyone passive).

In Germany, I just know a family of 5, in Berlin. The two parents have the Coronavirus very likely (the have since 10 days extreme fatigue, hard coughing, fever and loss of odorat and taste). They consulted a (medical) doctor who said they certainly had the virus, but there symptoms were too mild to warrant tests, let alone an hospitalization. I hope they will be better soon. The kids probably have it too, but they have very mild symptoms and do not seem to care. In last news, there were some signs of amelioration.

No resources being wasted on unnecessary testing or hospitalization, with people being isolated until they are not contagious. And the children were not spreading the disease either, which is certainly desirable.

Seems like straightforward public health measures being straightforwardly applied.

What is the massive restriction on freedom in your country?
Do you believe that anyone who violates public health directives should be put in the back of the line for availability of scarce ventilators or tests since they may have contributed to the problem. Were you in Florida last weekend.

In France? That 60 millions people are put in house arrest, I guess.

House arrest is a loaded term. How about quarantine for their own benefit and others around them.

Let's make a compromise. "House arrest for their own benefits and other around them"


This is a piece contributed to by epidemiologists and doctors:

Yeah, because obviously underreaction & millions dead would be way better than overreaction. (Shakes head, rolls eyes)

We'll see what happens in Japan. It's a good test of this idea. People are going out and even an amusement park recently re-opened. I've heard the same in Hong Kong. Either they're going to be laughing at us, or in for a world of pain.

Hong Kong has completely cut off all foreign travel - HONG KONG: Hong Kong will ban all non-residents from entering the financial hub from Wednesday (Mar 25), its leader said on Monday, as it tries to halt a recent spike in coronavirus infections from people returning from abroad.

They aren't laughing at us, but they want absolutely nothing to do with us either. Call it social distancing, Hong Kong style. Or Singapore style, for that matter. Basically, both places are fairly confident that as long as their lockdown involves excluding everyone entering from places unable to control covid-19 from spreading, they should be able to go along with their self-isolated daily affairs.

Sounds like a good policy until it's under control world wide. I'm a fan of relatively open borders and travelling the world as much as possible but under our current circumstances that won't work.

We'll also see what happens in Russia. They're also taking a much more relaxed approach, but obviously without Japanese norms of conformity and mask-wearing and not shaking hands and obsession with cleanliness. Normally crowded areas like Red Square are mostly empty but on neighborhood streets and shops life goes on.

Their economy has been coping with crisis since 2014, and just recently they kicked off an oil price war with Saudi Arabia (translation: they are conspiring with the Saudis to strangle US frackers without the Saudis shouldering any of the blame). They can't really afford to shut down their economy, so they'll roll the dice and take the hit.

Here are some Russian soccer fans a week ago chanting "We're all gonna die":

That is, destroying the illusion of Saudi America.

It depend how many millions. If the pandemics is capable to cause 20 or 50 millions dead worldwide this year, then I agree that we must do a lot of efforts and sacrifices to limit its impact. We do not know for sure, but the available evidence points to no. (without recalling the arguments, let us just say that the crisis has begun three months ago, and has killed a little bit more than 10K people. I don't see its total deaths going up by a factor 2000 for the rest of the year, even less with the signs of leveling of that one sees in extreme-orient, but also maybe in Europe (Belgium, Italy).

If on the other hand the pandemics is on track to kill one or two millions worldwide, well it is sad and we must fight it, but it is the same order of magnitude as the flu or tuberculosis (despite the existence of vaccines and antibiotics). This is not worth such a restriction of civil liberty.

The death toll is over 15,000.

+1 Underrated approach. Let us not forget that this restriction of civil liberty is destroying many livelihoods, and therefore lives, too.

The obvious solution is to shoot the dog.

The obvious solution
To get a
Pet skunk.

No one bothers you.

on a related note:

Why does this matter? Walking a dog by yourself is perfectly safe.

I've shared this with several people and most of us find it quite funny and entrepreneurial. It made me think dogs might be one group that benefits from the virus. There are definitely people who normally only walk their dog for the bare minimum time it takes them to go to the bathroom. I bet now some of those dogs are getting much more walking time:)

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