Our new world of classical music concerts

The line in the men’s room was to wash hands, not to use the other facilities.  During the concert, there was remarkably little coughing compared to usual times.  Is this because?:

1. The coughers were self-quarantining at home (there were more empty seats than usual).

2. Potential coughers didn’t want their seat neighbors to think of them as infecting pariahs.

3. Potential coughers abstained for fear of having to think, if they are coughing, that they might have coronavirus.

In any case, the elasticity of coughing with respect to self-reputation is higher than I had thought.

Yana and I were pleased to have watched from a private box (to be clear, we had a private box because the other people did not show up).


Wow, TC is in his own private box at the opera house. Reminds me of this famous chess game: https://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1233404&kpage=9

TC muses silently

"....though the Perspex shield and hum of the HEPA-filtered AC did distract slightly from the musical experience, I am pleased to say that my general utility function of being seen in a private box was not diminished. I was also pleased to see that my Tweets about the experience enjoyed an R0 of 3.8 and should outlive many of the participants....."

I'm picturing Tyler and Alex in a private box like the guys on the Muppet Show.

Maybe you should picture yourself with better jokes!

Ho ho ha ha ho ho ho!

Tyler: The last piece wasn't half bad!
Alex: No?
Tyler: No. It was ALL bad! Ho ho ha ha ha...

How many N95 masks were in attendance? (among the audience? among the performers?)

I suppose the time to worry is if the performers can't keep from coughing during the quiet parts. At least the pause between movements gives everyone a chance to let it all out

I wonder further how productions of La boheme and La Traviata will fare over the next couple of seasons: verisimilitude reaches new heights whether one succumbs to TB or to COVID-19 (A or B? we hear that a mutation already has occurred, but no one says yet which strain might present greater complications).

The way some of you ladies carry on about this you'd think you were all 80 years old and actually at any kind of risk. Goodness gracious what a bunch of muppets.

Hopefully none. The N100 is much better.

Coughing is often just a tc, whether a nervous tc or whatever. Suppressing a tc takes discipline. [I couldn't resist.]

I give 70% probability to “Potential coughers didn’t want their seat neighbors to think of them as infecting pariahs“

Interesting example because it is easy to listen to very high quality music in comfort / safety of the home. Coronavirus has to reduce the pleasure of listening to music (would carriers not prefer to sip warm water in a blanket instead of sit at formal event?)

...having that virus reduces the pleasure of everything.

4. Potential coughers abstained for fear of getting arrested and thrown into Gulag C-19.

That would be Gulag C-18. Gulag C-19 is for people who failed to ask a new colleague what xer preferred pronouns were.


How was the musical performance?

Or is this another case where the reason for doing something is not really the reason for doing it?

And did the brass players empty their spit valves into a secure container?


What me worry? The NY bail reform bill has killed more than NY COVID 19.


Harsh but fair.

PS Wake me when we reach H1N1 levels of death. That was a 2009 thing, so no one ever heard about it.

We already did, during the 2017-2018 flu season. That was a couple of years ago, so no one ever heard about it.

Wikipedia -
The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began counting the 2017–2018 "flu season" as October 2017, and by early February 2018, the epidemic was still widespread and increasing overall. By February 2018, the CDC said that the circulating virus strains included both B strains (Yamagata and Victoria), H1N1 and H3N2. On February 10, 2018, Fortune reported that influenza in the United States was killing up to 4,000 Americans a week, likely to far outstrip the rate of deaths in the 2009–2010 season.

Naturally, the embedded video begins with an audible cough.

This blog loves its jokes.

About concert etiquette, maybe you know this 2012 working paper by Andreas Wagener: http://www.culturaleconomics.org//wp-content/uploads/2019/01/AWP-05-2012.pdf

Out president has declared that corona virus is not a big deal, so it sounds as if fearmongers are the main audience for such "music."

"During the concert, there was remarkably little coughing compared to usual times. Is this because?:"

Option 4: Subjectivity bias, You are hyper sensitive to coughing currently and wouldn't have noticed the drop in coughing post flu season on any other year.

Related: normally you only notice coughs when they happen, because that's the only time you think about coughs. In this scenario you are already thinking about coughs, so you notice periods that lack coughs.

The classical-going demographic is already under heavy pressure even without this new threat. We'll probably risk our next chamber-series concert in late March as it's never terribly crowded up in the balcony, but who knows?

By the way that chaconne for the left hand is featured throughout the 1946 horror flick Beast With Five Fingers -- played by a pianist's severed hand as it briefly pauses its murderous spree

Beast With Five Fingers is one of the several remakes and takeoffs on Hands of Orlac, which was a silent film.

4. Less people are sick than normal since everyone is taking more precautions against COVID, the same precautions that are beneficial in reducing the common cold and flu.

Possible end result, unless COVID grows significantly worse than it is now (which may happen), less people will get sick this year than normal and COVID will actually end up saving lives.

Other than slight runs on some things (rice, beans, hand sanitizer), things seem pretty normal in Southern California. The radio claims 1500 cases in the region. That's significant but the chances of running across one in a day are still pretty low.

Still, I feel for cashiers and etc. Front line. I am starting to see some gloves.

By the way, speaking of contagion and our region, this is pretty scary.

Three of four guys on an Italian ski trip got sick, and hospitalized.

thanks for posting the video, the Brahms version for one hand is not one that I've heard. Quite frankly I prefer the Busoni version for two hands. When I was in grad school at Indiana, Jorge Bolet played it in the recital he was taking on the road that year (Bolet was on the IU Music School faculty). It was a bravura performance that also included the Liszt transcription of the Tannhauser Overture along with the Chopin preludes Op. 28. this was one of the greatest piano recitals I've every witnessed.

First, a Trump retweet.

Now, an Opera Box.

What's next?

A Fox show, obviously.

I have pollen allergies and usually sneeze several times an hour. For whatever reason, I haven't sneezed much the past few weeks.

Always a silver lining, franck takes from TC thanks!

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