What is in the stimulus bill?


Trump has called the cruise industry a “prime candidate” for federal assistance and a “great and important industry,” so look for further efforts from the administration to support the struggling sector.

It's not an American industry. Why not instead indemnify European movie makers that haven't been able to show their films in US theaters?

chuck is right that many are not US companies.

Carnival is a Bermuda company based in Florida.
Royal Caribbean is a Liberia company based in Florida.
Norwegian is a Bermuda company based in Florida.

Those are the top 3 cruise lines in the world by passenger count and revenue. Trump of course is making the play for Florida which is a swing state and a number of his own businesses and his children's businesses are based there and depend on a robust travel and leisure sector so there's a lot at stake for him.

It doesn't get any more non-essential than a cruise line but if Trump wants to "drain the swamp" he can't act as a "crony capitalist". But he does get away with a lot of stuff since his believers actually delight in Trump's political hypocrisies as a way of gloating at their enemies and his detractors fail at making a good case.

The industry shut down on government orders. I suspect next time they will say f**k you.

They should ask for bailouts from Bermuda or Liberia. American bailout money is for Americans.

I'm certain the substantial numbers of people employed in that industry will appreciate your concern.

Americans will get extended unemployment benefits and free checks from Uncle Sam. Foreigners will likely receive help from their own governments. No need to double dip.

Next time, a government like Sydney's is going to say fuck you first, considering the mistake made on March 19, reported in the Guardian. - More than 300 people on board the Ruby Princess cruise ship could have already contracted coronavirus by the time it docked in Sydney, according to an expert in epidemiology.

As of Tuesday, 133 people (107 in New South Wales and 26 interstate) have been diagnosed with Covid-19 after leaving the ship, which docked in Sydney’s Circular Quay on Thursday 19 March. All 2,700 passengers were allowed to disembark and return home and told to self-isolate.

Associate professor Ying Zhang from the University of Sydney said it was likely that the number of confirmed cases would “double or triple” in the next few days.
Anatomy of a coronavirus disaster: how 2,700 people were let off the Ruby Princess cruise ship by mistake
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That means hundreds of people would already have had the disease on the day it docked in Sydney, due to the virus’s 14-day incubation period.

Ships that say f*** you to government quarantine orders during a pandemic deserve to have their executives in prison, their ships seized, and their companies taken over. It's not the time to f**k around.

That's the merciful, humane option, so I agree. Not to mention their flouting of health & safety regulations since they're on the seas in the floating germ palaces, etc., etc.

Six trillion


Yep. $425 B of the $2 trillion will fund Fed loans which will be leveraged up 10 times, so that's the extra $4T. It's a money cannon aimed at businesses, to be selected, with extremely limited & handcuffed oversight by individuals to be named later. That's how the invisible hand really works.

Industries should not be saved. Loans to be provided to all industries on an equal footing is fine, but no special treatment. Is Boeing worth saving after its wonderful software design successes? Great if they can make it with loans to be paid back, tough nuggies if they can't.

If this principle were violated, it would be most important to save the beer and wine industries!

Transfers to people are highly desirable, as it's particularly difficult to lend money to the poor .

'Coupla bullets were avoided, such as more cash for higher ed, loan payment postponements aside.

Roughly speaking, a good bill to come out of the sausage factory.

That's the two trillion. The other six are loans, which are a good thing.


More than a million Californians have filed for unemployment this month due to the coronavirus crisis, the state’s governor announced.

“We just passed the 1 million mark for the number of claims since March 13,” the Gavin Newsom said at a press conference on Wednesday about the unemployment claims.


No official numbers in Canada yet, but in BC likely proportionate to California.

Retail didn't get anything likely because large retailers are doing very well. My customers in grocery retail are fine, their costs are higher but sales are good. But other retailers are going to have trouble. Most of them closed in town before the provincial shutdown; no customers. February March aren't gangbuster months in any case, so we shall see the effect.

We are in a shoulder season in tourism; ski and winter sports are tapering off until the summer travel starts. Restaurants and bars are all closed, again not their prime season. Depending on how long this hangs on, it could be a lost year. People make plans early.

We are seeing price increases due to the dollar dropping. A customer today said his meat wholesale prices are going up substantially.

Fuel prices are low, oil is very low. Alberta is getting kicked in the teeth three ways, and they are going to see a profound and lasting depression. That will affect BC substantially. Someone told me last summer that the US oil industry was very indebted and barely managing at prices at that time, likely we will see some repercussions.

Trump wanted to buy a bunch of oil, and get something for the cruise industry. He didn't get either of them. The swing states that will decide the election in November are where these effects will be felt. I suspect that was a strategic decision by the Democrats. We will see how it pans out.

As an aside, the powers-that-be need to provide a different sort of information. Numbers, numbers of numbers, and percentages can't describe what's taking place. If they want the citizenry to take this situation seriously they're going to need to forego the abstract and get into reality.

When a person is killed in a traffic accident, after the next of kin are informed, that person's name is displayed in the media. Soldiers killed in battle are identified by the government and in the media. Each day, a list should be made available of the names, ages, and addresses of those that have been determined to have died due to Covid-19. Everyone, not just notable figures. For instance, the first death from the virus in Arkansas occurred on March 23 at a Conway hospital. The 91 year-old man was not identified. Deaths are public knowledge. The names of the deceased must be made available as quickly as possible as well as the actual circumstances if we're to accept and follow the recommendations of the authorities.

The people laid off should be listed as well.

The names of those who lose their jobs must be made available as quickly as possible as well as the actual circumstances if we're to accept and follow the recommendations of the authorities.

I'm not being facetious; this is a gnarly problem. In all states and provinces there are lists of essential businesses; https://www.ontario.ca/page/list-essential-workplaces is for Ontario. These places have set up arrangements to protect their workers and be able to provide the necessary services. An interesting tidbit of information; the public health boards everywhere require washable surfaces in public spaces; those washable surfaces are the worst for transmission of the virus, where it survives up to three days. Surely there are ways to fix that problem without shutting down the economy.

BC finally today took on the power to quarantine people travelling from affected places. The Canadian Federal government has been quite useless in this regard. I would suggest that the choice is to have 1 million unemployed in three weeks or to have travellers quarantine when they come into country no matter if they are citizens.

The level of cooperation in this situation is remarkable. I suspect that it won't be next time. The costs are just showing up, and will be remembered for a long time.

Correction. It is the Federal government who invoked the Quarantine Act. About time. We will see how they actually enforce it.


Trump's fourth year is shaping up to be a disaster of biblical proportions. 20-30% unemployment. Bungled government response to pandemic ("A Dem hoax", "just a flu"). Americans running out of toilet paper. 30% stock market crash. Negative GDP. Trillions and trillions of bailout dollars that will enslave future generations. More crony capitalism than ever before getting their free money (first farmers now this mother of all bailouts). Trade war with China coming back to bite us with medical protective gear. You can't make this stuff up. It's like a Dem with serious TDS and an overactive imagination was writing a parody script to make Trump look bad.

We'll give you so much success you won't know what to say. "We’re going to make America wealthy again,” Trump said toward the end of his speech. “You have to be wealthy in order to be great, I’m sorry to say.” https://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/unapologetic-trump-promises-to-make-america-rich-223632

The tax cut made me richer; you, maybe not.

Meh, I think he's responded adequately. Most did not think this thing would blow up as it did. The incompetence seems mostly to lay in the CDC's bungled test. The entire situation has highlighted the need to be less reliant on Chinese trade, an idea that fits Trump's narrative quite nicely.

60% of the public approves of the President's handling of the situation.

Many Americans will get checks of $1,200 for individuals, $2,400 for married couples.
Married couple are no longer individuals.
The coronavirus will hit rural hospitals especially hard, since they already operate on thin margins and have limited staffing capacity.
Obamacare has been hitting rural hospitals for ten years and they never really stabilized.

Look a lot like six more pages of IRS tax forms.

If it's a $2 trillion stimulus, that's 9.3% of GDP. Australia's stimulus is 9.7% of GDP and is on track to be hit less hard by the virus than the US. Of course, even if this stimulus proves inadequate it's still a lot better than no stimulus.

It looks pretty good to me.

Take that, Postal Service! No soup for you! Trump went postal on your ass!

Wow. Two Trillion Dollars and not a single high-speed train ...

They should guarantee a box of toilet paper for each and every American. Asses need bailouts too.

One thing that did surprise me was didn't see a billion or two to expand out agency support of teleworking for the federal workforce. It's amazing how nobody is talking how intentional underfunded agencies have been doing that for a decade to undermine the 2010 Telework Act. It's biting them in the butt now but they aren't going to fix without new money, will just ride it out and go back to undermining it when over.

If enpixelating $2 trillion rights the listing US economic ship it will be a validation that the MMT people have dreamed about. Perhaps they only needed patience as in a culture where all problems can be traced to insufficient funds, creating more funds is the solution. Or so it appeared to the Weimar Germans and the monetarists of Zimbabwe.

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