Which are the safest restaurants to eat in?

This is my subjective impression, not based on scientific sampling.  Nonetheless, I think you should prefer cooked, hot food from a cuisine whose associated country already has had a traumatic experience with coronavirus.  They will take the risk more seriously.  You should avoid uncooked salads from lackadaisical countries that have been slow to respond.

In other words, I believe Chinese food is safest.  Furthermore, entry restrictions have been on Chinese people for some time, so the chance that your cook or waiter picked up the coronavirus from China and is still carrying it is very small, whereas Italians have been free to come and go with no real questioning at the airport.

Chinese restaurants also tend to be in the suburbs, and they pack in the tables less closely.


How about something like Korean barbecue? I guess it passes the traumatic experience test, but, more importantl: you cook the food yourself so there are no intermediaries between the cooked food and yourself. Tables are also a good distance from one another.

I'd avoid Chinese or Italian food. Korean food is safe as long you don't go with a weird, cult-y church.

Does the cultiness of the church really matter? Was there more hugging than had an American Catholic Church?

Or is it a size thing, avoid megachurches?

Everyone drinking from the same wine chalice... that’s gonna have to stop, probably permanently.

Also maybe have the wafer snacks just set on a table and everyone takes one instead having a guy hand it to you.

My mom's small but elderly congregation is changing communion procedures, but also putting the service live on Facebook for those who wish to join the service from home.

To all sick waiters forced to work out there, if a fat Boomer comes to your restaurant, just cough into their food. If they get mad, tell they're getting herd immunity for free. What a deal!


Die Boomer!

The warden and I went to the local diner last night. If you don't hear from me . . .


I am starting to think I should not have spent the weekend at Mar-a-Lago.

So, jokes aside, Trump tweeted "SOCIAL DISTANCING!" a half-hour ago.

What a difference a week would have made.

Some ideas are simply better discarded before sharing in public.

@ long nym - you obviously are not a chess player, like is master Tyler Cowen. Chess players do crazy counter-intuitive stuff--at the right time, like this-- for the win. But the key is knowing when it's right to be crazy. TC gave his reasons: eating at a Wuhan restaurant would be death in early January, but safe now (if you believe the CHN data, CHN is only getting a few dozen new cases a day now). Kind of like cooking and eating the poisonous 河豚 ; 鰒 ; フグ fish (all puffers btw are poisonous to various degrees). What's interesting to me, as a fellow skilled chess player, is how some patzers (tyro chess players) will try and emulate a master by sacrificing and doing crazy stuff at inappropriate times in the game. It 'looks good' but doesn't work since they've not calculated correctly. One current fad making the rounds is pushing the h-pawn recklessly, without castling, it has the meme "Harry the H-pawn" after some instructional videos by GM Simon Williams. But unless you've done your homework, as TC has done here, it won't work.

patzers (tyro chess players) : Yiddish in chess?

What could make anyone think that Italian restaurants are staffed by Italians? :-)

Tyler is a nutter. Otoh, I used to go to an Italian restaurant owned by Iranians. Might be worth avoiding that one.

Eating noodles seems to increase chance of getting the virus. China and Italy top the leader board, and both Chinese and Italian cuisine feature many noodle dishes.

I have to add rice dishes to both Chinese and Italian cuisine. Therefore, I suppose another locus will be somewhere in India. :-)

But the Chinese - in China - have been having these horrible viruses crop up for decades. Actually centuries. It hasn't changed much behavior from what I can see. Although, maybe this time the wet markets will end for good.

The 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic originated in North America.

700 million – 1.4 billion infected
150,000–575,000 dead

You don't need Chinese behavior or culture. You need animals, people near animals, and microbial evolution.


Tyler Cowen: Salad Dodger

His salad days are now behind him?

+1 (though he remains rather partial to a word salad).

I will take this post seriously.

So every few years, a nasty virus jumps from wild animals to men precisely because of Chinese people's food habits (food markets where the risk is NOT taken seriously), but somehow you think they learnt their lesson now...?

Anyone so blinkered by tribalism as to think this way deserves the virus they will likely catch via their own failure to confront reality.

Too bad they'll likely infect me, too. Somehow you'd think they'd have learned their lesson by now?

Relative status - lower

If you drink cobra wine, it will make even the wimpiest libertarian become a real man and it kills the virus.

Just make sure you don't drink that anaconanda malt liquor, especially if your name is Richard.

Coronavirus likes light skin people like Asians and Caucasians. So go to restaurants staffed by Black or Brown people.

From what I have heard, it is attacking India and Nigeria just as aggressively, but they are not calling it coronavirus ... it is just pneumonia to them. They don't have the resources to test for coronavirus on the general population, so when people die they call it pneumonia and move on.

It would be interesting to see what is the rate of death due to symptoms of coronavirus at the end of all this in poorer countries.

From what I have heard, it is attacking India and Nigeria just as aggressively, but they are not calling it coronavirus

I live in India and have heard no such thing. Care to share any links?

Fast food restaurants. The food there is so thoroughly processed, frozen, irradiated, and fake that no form of life could possibly survive.

Not sure about the safest but without doubt Mickey D's , Burger King or Wendy's will kill ya more certainly albeit more slowly than a covid 19 pathogen

I have heard from a friend, who is an insider, that Brazilian restaurants are a pretty good option, too.

What? He phoned you from inside a restaurant?!

No, he is a big shot, a really powerful person who knows the ins and outs of the Administration.

Seriously, it's odd how conservative North Americans will literally not waste any opportunity to talk about the supposed lackadaisal qualities of Southern Europeans in contrast to the "efficiency" of Northern Europeans and East Asians, up to the point of drumming up xenophobia against fresh fruit served at an 4th generation Italian-American restaurant.

Yet Germany is worse affected than Sicily, Northern Italy more than Southern Italy. It simply seems like bad luck with an initial super-cluster to me.

I suppose this is all simply a cultural echo of their affection for the "strong", right-wing dictators that they imagined were necessary to keep Southern European (or descended) populations "in line" - Franco, Salazar, Metaxas, Pinochet, etc.

As an aside, read elsewhere that low rates of increase in Japan reflect that apparently Japan has only tested 10,000 people. Total. Oh dear -sashimi may not be such a good option after all.

The Japanese are pragmatic and disciplined. The old are committing covid-harikiri to save the young from the crippling cost of paying to care for them in the future. Samurai culture never dies.

So you support death marches and the Raping of Nanjing.

It doesn't make it any less gross, but everyone's doing it:


When I can keep my objectivity, I see this garbage as just a consequence of plains apes lacking the ability to evolve as fast as our environment. When I can't, I tend to think humans are too stupid to live, that the Great Filter is self-burnout.

Sorry restaurants, but no restaurants.

A report from the "containment" piece:

"South Korea was tracking its first 30 cases very well, until patient 31 infected over 1000 others on a church congregation."


I was for flattening the curve last week, but maybe these guys are convincing me that we are entering a new stage.

Related, price based rationing (and greed) taken to an extreme:


“There’s a crushing overwhelming demand in certain cities right now,” he said. “The Dollar General in the middle of nowhere outside of Lexington, Ky., doesn’t have that.”

He thought about it more. “I honestly feel like it’s a public service,” he added. “I’m being paid for my public service.”

I guess he didn't think about Lexington needing that sanitizer, when their turn comes.

Wuhan Meat and Wing Company is closing temporarily.

Best fried batwings you've ever had.

With a side order of



Plans to reopen in April when this is all over.

Discount for those wearing a MAGA hat.

Actually, this is a serious question, and it's not confined to restaurants. It also includes coffee shops.

Here's why:

Colleges and universities are discontinuing in person classes, encouraging students to stay home or in their dorm, so as to avoid mixing of students after they return to school from different parts of the country. Think about the student who just returned from Seattle after visiting relatives.

So, ask yourself: Where are those bored students likely to congregate?

Coffee shops--that's where they'll do the mixing that they would have done in the classroom.



Stay away from bars that serve food in student neighborhoods.

Attention: Powerful Brazilian Senator Trad has been infected in the United States? Shouldn't Trump just resign and let Mr. Pence take care of matters?

I mentioned that I went to jury duty last week. I did not end up on a trial, but I got to see the Orange County California response to the new situation. As far as I could tell it was nil. I could observe no change from previous established procedures.

What they could have, should have, done was just have someone standing at the door to the jury waiting room with the temperature scanner, and if anyone shows up with a temperature give them an immediate excused

There are a lot of institutions which lack the flexibility to initiate simple changes like that. That worries me.

There might be some question whether last week was the time to start that, but if the United States is on the ramp to "being Italy," it needs to begin sometime soon.

I ate at the cafeteria, where I hope they were increasing hygiene and vigilance.

Louisiana was one of the first states to close school for a month *and* they cancelled their primary. So I think I'll eat at the local Cajun restaurant. It just so happens to be my favorite restaurant too! Let's geaux!

Agreed that Chinese restaurants are probably safe precisely because of the travel restrictions on China. The idea that cuisine from coronavirus countries has been virus-resistified seems flawed, however. It implicitly assumes that coronavirus is a random, exogenous shock that changes behavior and culture rather than an endogenous shock that reflects culture.

I am still eating out at a lot of restaurants right now as I believe the nutritional gains compared to what I would otherwise cook for myself (canned beef stew, frozen pizzas, and TV dinners) are important for maintaining a strong immune system. I favor restaurants with fewer people, both patrons and kitchen staff. In Boston, ground zero seems to have been the Biogen conference. I'm undecided as to whether I should try to avoid restaurants that might have been frequented by "Biogen types" and their socially-connected (educated professionals). That would suggest favoring more downscale rather than upscale restaurants, which might seem counterintuitive to some people.

I disagree: the safest restaurants seem to be American chain restaurants (I include faux foreign restaurants like Panda Express in this category) which probably stand to lose the most from starting an outbreak of their own; they’re most likely to clean the tables militantly, have employees wearing rubber gloves, etc. The whole in the wall restaurants aren’t taking as many precautions. Same with coffee shops: Starbucks is far and away more vigilant than your local co-op owned coffee shop.

Bottom line big business > small business when it comes to infectious disease mitigation.

"Chinese restaurants also tend to be in the suburbs." They do?

The safest restaurants are

Outdoor restaurants.

Make your own food, and have your friends make their own,

Meet at the park picnic table, 3 feet apart,

Or get take out and eat in the park.

Order an extra portion, and

Feed the homeless.

Avoid the church basement potluck.

*hole in the wall

The ones Larry David is in


Hello, this is Leo Harry. Of course please tell me about the safest restaurant to eat.

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