Monday assorted links

1. Why isn’t the public more supportive of free trade?

2. How easy the spread on college campuses?

3. A bunch of medical claims, interesting, neither endorsing nor damning.

4. “Around 400 people at party where 6 were shot, wounded in East Bakersfield; Nearly 100 casings recovered, sheriff’s office says.

5. Failures are undershared.

6. Who exactly makes your gdp estimates, and exactly why is the Bureau of Economic Analysis so different?

7. Are children’s face-to-face social skills declining?

8. “Church of England moves valuables to Tower of London amid fears of lockdown looting.

9. Robin Hanson poll-based risk indicator.

10. An epidemiological account of how risk-spreader heterogeneity matters.

11. Harvard to sell $1.1 billion bonds.  And pending cuts to higher ed.

12. Stephon Marbury, prophet for the NBA (WSJ).  And Scott Gottlieb on employer testing (WSJ).

13. How are small businesses adjusting?


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