Whether or not we are living in a simulation, *they* are living in a simulation

Savers at the Bank of Nook are being driven to speculate on turnips and tarantulas, as the most popular video game of the coronavirus era mimics global central bankers by making steep cuts in interest rates.

The estimated 12m players of Nintendo’s cartoon fantasy Animal Crossing: New Horizons were informed last week about the move, in which the Bank of Nook slashed the interest paid on savings from around 0.5 per cent to just 0.05 per cent.

The total interest available on any amount of savings has now been capped at 9,999 bells — the in-game currency that can be bought online at a rate of about $1 per 1.9m bells.

The abrupt policy shift, imposed by an obligatory software update on April 23, provoked a stream of online fury that a once-solid stream of income had been reduced to a trickle with the stroke of a raccoon banker’s pen.

“I’m never going to financially recover from this,” one player wrote on a Reddit forum. “Island recession incoming,” said another.

Here is more from the FT, via Malinga Fernando.


Getting hit with seigniorage taxes, the implied cost of using money. Hence they roll up the banking sector, it contracts.

But who dunnit? Is the fantasy banker a central bank responsible government rate support?

The inflection point of the S-curve looks like a ceasefire when the war is really just beginning.

Fantastic, loved the article - brought a smile to my face

See? See? The responsible Possum savers are always paying figuratively and literally for the spendthrift Squirrel speculator. Your turnip ETFs aren't real, you acorn munching rubes! It's either physical or you don't own it. I know, I suppose you're going to ask them to turn on the turnip printer go brrrr, huh? No Bailouts!

You did escape from r/WSB. I'm calling an attendant to come pick you up.

...guys the "I'm never going to financially recover from this" response is a Tiger King reference and a joke. It's not "online fury" lol

Can it be required viewing? because right now the jokes terrify an already shook populace who think we're more insane than we are. Just watch it and move on

Don’t worry. In exchange for the interest rate reduction, Tom Nook gave me a world map.

@Tyler. - BTW there is also a markets in everything link. Because the turnip prices very day by day and island by island, people are posting online their local turnip prices and charging people a bell fee to travel to their island to sell turnips.

I suppose more people will choose virtual reality over the other kind as the result of the pandemic. That's the goal of our masters in tech.

True VR is going to be amazing, there won’t be any old codgers there hitting refresh all day and typing rambling thoughts on a keyboard with no “return” key.

No hon, they just want the money.

We have turned to virtually reality about 70 years ago when the the boob tube erupted.

we're split between Animal Crossing and Bee Swarm Simulator


The urgent alert, sent to UK general practitioners by National Health Service (NHS) England warned that over the last three weeks, “there has been an apparent rise in the number of children of all ages presenting with a multisystem inflammatory state requiring intensive care across London and also in other regions of the UK,” the Health Service Journal first reported Monday.

The alert added: “There is a growing concern that a [covid-19] related inflammatory syndrome is emerging in children in the UK, or that there may be another, as yet unidentified, infectious pathogen associated with these cases,” HSJ added.

Wiki says:
Kawasaki disease is an illness that causes inflammation (swelling and redness) in blood vessels throughout the body. It happens in three phases, and a lasting fever usually is the first sign. The condition most often affects kids younger than 5 years old.
More clues of the same sort, a highly severe allergic reaction.


Recent studies have shown that the LNs' SCS macrophage layer is interrupted in disease models. Despite their importance in fighting the spread of pathogens and in activating anti-tumor immunity, the mechanism and the immunological functional consequences for their disruption are not well-understood. Understanding the mechanism of these macrophages will enhance their capability for therapeutic targeting.
"not well understood" n 2019? I have heard this before, we just are figuring this stuff out.

It would be a great implementation to use games like these for the experimental study of macroeconomics. Make more sophisticated life simulation games and simulate, for instance, the effect of raising the minimum wage on employment.

Prediction markets, I think we have them.

Simulation is not the same thing as prediction. Both have their uses.

The depressing thing about this: not only are we living in a simulation, it's being run by some sleep-deprived econ grad student.

That would actually explain a lot.

I'm not a 'we're living in a simulation' guy, but if I was, the clearest 'evidence' to me is how physics breaks down and gets weird at the impossibly small and impossibly large scales (quantum and cosmological). It's as if the creator(s) didn't think they had to program that far from our basic reality.

The great conundrum.

Either the black hole goes to infinite dimensionality or something put a band limit on the vacuum. But we can measure the curvature of 3D space, how could we do that in an infinite dimensional universe? The unanswered questions that give us religiion.

The placebo effect is most likely a simulation artifact. We have more than ten trillion cells and ten times as many microbes, tightly coupled via chemical interactions and quantum effects. It must be mind-bogglingly expensive to actually compute the effect of a drug on the body. Far easier to use heuristic shortcuts.


But it’s even easier for the entities in nature such as elementary particles to solve the equations governing their interactions. Why postulate all this machinery behind the existing machinery? Turtles all the way down ?
Is there an experiment you can devise that would prove we’re in a simulation?

No, because any evidence you can present might be part of the simulation.

Ok, so we’re back to an unprovable thing, that has to be taken on faith, in other words a religion. As Laplace once said “ Sir I have no need of this hypothesis”

And it's the a major reason why I'm not a "we're in a simulation" guy.

What was the TIPS expectation of inflation in relation to the central bank's target before the change? How had NGDP been developing?

always felt like Bell's Inequality should rule out simulations, but am willing to entertain sound arguments it should not

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