Coronavirus markets in everything, Swedish restaurant edition

At Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson’s restaurant, you don’t have to order takeout, or wear a mask, or try to stay two metres away from the other patrons — because there are no other patrons.

It’s just you, seated alone at a table in a picturesque meadow in the Swedish countryside as you’re served a homemade meal that arrives in a basket using a rope and pulley.

It’s called Bord För En, which translates to “table for one,” and it opened on May 10 in Ransäter, a rural town some 350 kilometres west of Stockholm.

“We wanted to create a space that’s 100 per cent corona-free, as much as we could at least,” Persson told As It Happens host Carol Off.

Here is the full story, via Michelle Dawson, and no you don’t have to worry about them having too many beautiful women…

And here is their Facebook page with further details and images.  By the way, most of the customers are men.  Then there is this:

When you book your reservation at Bord För En, you include a list of names of your close friends, and the restaurateurs then solicit one of them to write you a personal message.

It operates on a “pay what you wish” basis, and so far they have been heavily booked.


"Pay as You Wish" is apparently the Swedish equivalent of the American "Eat all You Can Eat". :-)

They ask for a list of your closest friends. So it is more "pay whatever it costs to ensure your friends and family don't think you're cheap".

Only in Sweden.

What does the GDPR say about forcing people to turn over private information of third parties in order to obtain food?

Didn't Europe recently rule that websites can't make access to their content dependent on a visitor agreeing that the site can process their data? So how can a business make access to food dependent on turning over your friends' personal data: names, either phone numbers or email addresses, and the very fact that they are part of your social network graph.

Maybe this cutesy rural performance art stunt is just a trial balloon attempting to set a precedent that Burger King can use later. Europe's regulatory state must not fail to fail us.

European countries generally overconsume: "Eat MORE Than You Can Eat" is the dictum, and each country has its own nuances and culture around this imperative. PS-I bet their chicken is delicious.

The first sentence is demonstrably false. The second sentence is evidently true. :-)

Sounds awful.

The absolute opposite of "cor ad cor loquitur" (meaning, heart speaks to heart, meaning, humans were created to rejoice that they were created along with other humans).

It would be cooler if the waiters were dressed like Death in Ingmar Bergman's Seventh Seal.

But apart from that, who cares? This is just publicity seeking.

Sweden is where you want us to look tonight?
The refusal to comment on the disease-vector potential of the riots increasingly makes the last three months of posting look like empty virtue signaling.

Life is good for people who recognize empty virtue signaling when they see it.

Like the Amish? Those empty virtue signalers. Don't they know how silly they look.

There's a lot of evidence that outdoor spread isn't much of a risk, especially in the summer-y conditions we have now. The Florida beaches, the Wisconsin election, the lockdown protests--none of these seem to have caused detectable spikes in infections despite predictions that they would. It will be interesting to see if there are detectable spikes in cities with protests in two weeks, but my money's on no.

+1, And if not, we can obviously drop the rest of the lock down and even social distancing.

Just so you know, SARS-CoV-2 is spread by droplets from people's mouths and noses ending up in other people's mouths and noses. If this isn't restricted the disease will continue to spread. But I suppose you could all wear filter hoods and not worry about keeping your distance from each other.

Yes but there is a more important concern than the spread of SARS-CoV-2. It is the spread of covid-19. If the virus lands on my mucous membrane and fails to make it beyond that then I might swab test as an asymptomatic. I might be counted as infected depending upon the number of viruses per microgram of sample or I might not. If I am "infected" I become a "statistic" and yet it's superficial.

There were 637 new cases in Sweden yesterday and 47 deaths. I'd say you're either lying or extremely confused.

Of course, there's no reason why both can't apply.

Crikey, you seem angry.

Calm down.

No, this is polite.

Pointing out when someone is lying or, at best, profoundly mistaken, is considered doing a service to the community where I am.

I don't think he was angry but if he was then anger from hearing unchecked lies is understandable and completely within the realm of reason.

Restaurants are open again here. Do you think there is any chance people would pay me to eat for them live over the internet? My hourly rate would be very reasonable.

It's been done, hun. Are you fat? Usually it's fat people eating fried chicken that pays best.

I'm willing to put on a few pounds if the money's worth it.

The content already exists from South Korea.

WSJ article from six years ago ( ):

"Every night at 10, thousands of Koreans tune in to watch Choi Ji-hwan eating on streaming video.

The chubby-cheeked 24-year-old offers up a cooking lesson and then, in his main online act, devours a dish like kimchi pork stew in a wild, comic performance meant to make clear how much he enjoys a good meal."

Presumably at least thousands of hours of content - possibly tens of thousands - based on how long ago that article was written.

Wow. I can't compete with that. Unless, like, I specialize in eating Australian native animals or something.

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