Coronavirus imaginary travel markets in everything

When you’ve been cooped up for months, you start to miss aspects of life you used to dread. Remember airport security lines? Remember 3.4-fluid-ounce bottles? Remember taking off your shoes and then scrambling to put them back on at the end of a conveyor belt? What we wouldn’t give for those experiences now.

For travelers longing for the days of yore, Taipei’s Songshan Airport is offering 90 people the chance to pretend they’re going on vacation.

The airport is hosting a tour that will allow people to go to the airport, without actually going anywhere. The half-day experience will include a tour of the airport, a mock immigration experience and finally, the chance to board and then disembark an airplane.

Here is the full article, via Shaffin Shariff.


Does this s* count towards GDP? I think breaking windows and fixing them again might be more productive; Keynes might agree?

It's cheap entertainment. Like those posts in which Tyler throws peanuts to readers. Like sleeping, it's time killed while we rest and prepare to do something disruptive (like breaking windows) or productive (including fixing windows broken by anti-Keynes idiots). Indeed, it doesn't count towards GDP. We may argue, however, that it's like what many people do while they claim to be working (for some economists these claims are a signal of low productivity and for others just other means to redistribute income).

It does count in GDP. The money they pay the tour company is for services rendered, so it will count as business revenues in GDP. Of course you have to deduct the firms expenses to get the net contribution to GDP

Why should it differ from any other service like haircuts that are included in GDP?

I wonder if the Turks offer a full prison experience - for those who like body cavity searches without the hassle of actually breaking the law?

Why? Why would anyone put themselves through this? Do cows line up for the abattoir experience?

"who like body cavity searches without the hassle of actually breaking the law"

You get this for free under the boot of Trump's authoritarian police state. Just step outside your house and exercise your right to free speech. Watch the canisters, bullets, and batons fly in an orgy of state violence.

"why would anyone put themselves through this?"
if your next-door neighbors are the ccp, its smart to practice evacuation
drills to avoid the ccp abattoir experience

"Abattoir theme parks": an idea whose time has arrived? Tours of functional slaughterhouses, why not? (Masked attire required, certo.)

In the 1990s, ElAL offered Israelis 2-hour circular flights to nowhere from TLV airport, allowing passengers to purchase goods at the airport duty-free stores (and on the plane I guess).

Surprised this is Taiwan. Really seems like a Japanese thing.

When and if we get it in the USA, it'll include being groped for ten minutes and yelled at for 45. That's how we get off around here. And of course you'll be jammed together with a million third-world migrants.

maybe LaGuardia?

How much would people pay for mock police to beat mock protestors?

There is at least one party that is paying a lot to play the mock game you suggest

The only good thing about going to an airport is people watching. Sure, there's commonality (most are fat and poorly dressed), but what's striking is the dissimilarity, starting with physical appearance. Dogs of the same breed look pretty much alike, but not people. The gene pool run amok I suppose. Then there's the attire: it's amazing that so many can gather in one place and everyone is dressed in different attire. The only commonality is that the attire is colorful in a tacky way and ill-fitting. That clothing companies can produce so many different styles and colors that are all tacky and ill-fitting is a testament to the imagination of the capitalists' mind. But physical appearance and attire are only what can be observed on the surface, what is evident beneath the surface is the absence of a common destination: as in life, each has a different destination. Ants travel for a common purpose; people travel for an uncommon purpose. I am amazed that what appears to be chaos, with people moving in every direction in the terminal, is actually controlled confusion: travelers almost always end up at the destination they were bound for all along. That's life.

Wow. As a professor turned successful investor,my best friends and their wives keep asking me how I am able to post such juicy returns. I understand. After all everyone wants to be able to bring the Benjamins home, right? Everyone needs cheese.
Well, right now I am long on Brazilian investments because the famous South American country has a lot of things going for it:
1) It has a very honest, no-nonsense, business-friendly, pro-American administration.
2) It has a very open economy.
3) It has already gone through the hardest part of the transition from socialism to capitalism and it is ready to privatise valuable assets. It is like Christmas for smart investors.
4) It has overcome the coronavirus crisis and successfully reopened its businesses.
5) Would you have liked to invest in Apple before they lauched their first computer? Well, experts expect Brazil to become the Apple of the countries.

Thiago, word on the calle is that los generalisimos/as are talking coup

With the planet and our world in the respective shapes they're in today, who needs commercialized "virtual reality"?

Some degree of fantasy (affective, historical, utopian, "scientific", et cetera) now pervades or informs all American perspectives, especially and including those of our "cognitive elites" and those of our unelected, corrupt and corrupting Media Sector "discourse managers".

Along with the growing contemporary importance of English-to-English translation within the US, discovering, explicating, and owning up to the numerous and multi-faceted intellectual fantasies intrinsic to each discourse sector could well become a new industry in "semantic and axiological discrimination". ("Equivalence of discourse" in the US is a malignant political fantasy that can be safely discarded from the outset.)

when elite leftists in academia say they are "liberating" "diversifying" & "decolonizing" libraries they are actually censoring &removing books.

The only think pleasurable about the airport is the beer you drink while waiting for your flight.

Actually that might be a good concept for a bar. To get in you have to check in and pass security, you have to leave at a given time (randomly selected customers have their exit time delayed by 1-3 hours, more if the weather's bad), and you have to line up in a different room to leave. Plus a couple of moving sidewalks.

Article mentions it but worth repeating here: this is not the main international airport servicing Taipei.

So many people exaggerate the inconvenience of air travel, I can only think that they want to discourage it, so they can have an empty seat beside them on their next flight.

They overstate the inconvenience and intrusiveness of TSA checks, the unpleasantness of airports, and the discomfort of planes.

As I contemplate my cancelled summer travel plans, what I find myself regretting is not my destinations, but the experience of air travel - the busy airport, the people watching (rayward is right), finding my seat, and settling in to watch the ground crews - the acceleration and lift ...

The era of affordable, everyday jet travel for the common man began in the early 1960s, but probably won't exist in the 2060s (pick your reason). Future generations will envy us,

They exaggerate everything but the discomfort of planes if you're in a coach seat, fairly large, the person sitting next to you is also large, and it's a long trip. So buy two seats, they're not that expensive.

Gotta agree with Faze. What’s the big beef with airports and air travel? It’s a lot better than the alternative.

Have flown at least a couple times a month for the last 15 years, mostly domestic, but international too, and most TSA folks and international airport folks are normal, mostly friendly, people just trying to get in their 8 hours without tool much hassle from the multitudes. 95% of them have good attitudes and 5% of people in any job are jerks anyway.

Of course, I always avoid the airport at peak times and use Global Entry, so it could be worse.

Still, if you think getting from the USA to Europe on a cramped coach seat is bad for 8 to 12 hours, try doing it 18th century style on a wooden sailing ship that took 6 to 8 weeks.

Its 16 June today and Coronavirus situation here in India is getting worse each day. But for some strange reason government has already allowed marketing and malls to open.

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