The new marginal revolution

Sarah H., a 31-year-old woman in Philadelphia, feels that locking lips is the big risk, so “if you’re going to kiss someone, you might as well sleep with them.”

Here is the full article by Lisa Bonos, I had been wondering when a piece of this nature would appear.  This bit is also interesting:

Forman finds that the pre-date interrogation that happens in the era of covid-19 dating ratchets up all kinds of intimacy quickly. “Once the kiss happens … because you already went through all these other layers [of questions], you almost get to a fourth date know-how on a first date,” he says. “Even if it wasn’t going to turn into a girlfriend situation, we both just needed spontaneity that we hadn’t really had for months.”

Here is another sentence of interest and perhaps disputation:

He’s been careful during the past few months, but he’s still having casual sex when he feels comfortable.

I don’t expect we’ll ever have good data on the safety or danger of those practices.


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