New books needed on the NIH and NSF

A reader writes —

“Despite being the preeminent model for global science funding, and far more powerful than any single university, the workings of the NIH or NSF are surprisingly opaque to most people. These bodies shape who becomes a scientist, what science they pursue, and how they pursue it. I would therefore like to fund a book about how the institutions of US science actually operate, how they’ve changed, what the relevant surrounding incentives are, and how it is that they should likely evolve from here. It’s possible, perhaps even very likely, that a good version of this book would be picked up by a good publisher. Even if it isn’t, it should exist in the public domain. I will invest generously in anyone who seeks to write one.”

This reader is highly credible. If you’re interested and have relevant expertise, please email me. (Suggestions for good possible authors — people who genuinely understand the system but who could be sufficiently objective and where relevant critical — are welcome although not as useful.)


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