Japan tragedy fact of the day

In 2019 Japan’s population shrank at the rate of roughly one person per minute…

Here is the rest of the FT article, too pessimistic in my view but by no means is it entirely fabricated.  Here is one quotation:

“The economic and demographic numbers make the future look so grim. They believe the pie is shrinking, so if they do get a piece, they have to stick to it. The priority is stability. Nobody has big dreams any more,” said Prof Miura. A study published earlier this year by Hiroshi Ishida, a professor at Tokyo University’s Institute of Social Science, found a record 49 per cent of respondents aged 20 to 31 thought life for their children would be worse than for them.

I am curious to see what will be the next “big turn” in Japan’s history…the country has had a few, and they were not well predicted in advance.


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