The December 1st test

No, it’s not quite December 1st, but it is close.  And I recall a number of people, including numerous MR commentators, suggesting that once the election is over (with a modest lag) that Covid-19 would disappear from our radar screens, and that the “liberal media” would stop talking about it.

The first three articles on the NYT home page right now are:

Vaccines are Coming. But First a Long, Dark Winter.

Cuomo Fears ‘Nightmare of Overwhelmed Hospitals’ as Virus Cases Spike.

Covid-19 Live Updates: California’s Governor Warns of ‘Drastic Action’ as Hospitals Near Crisis.

Perhaps I am “lemon picking” by not waiting for the morning, but I have other posts planned for then.  CNN by the way is right now leading with Covid, WaPo is more about election and appointments, but after that it is Covid too, most of all vaccines (a better emphasis I might add).

Let’s hope the morning is cheerier!  Protein folding!


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