Wohin economics?

Mammograms and Mortality: How has the Evidence Evolved?

Surviving a Mass Shooting

Representation is Not Sufficient for Selecting Gender Diversity

Back to School: The Effect of School Visits During COVID-19 on COVID-19 Transmission

The Public Health Effects of Legalizing Marijuana

Those are all new NBER working papers, issued today.  To be clear, I do not intend this list as criticism, either of these papers or of the NBER (for one thing, I have not read them).  But surely it is worth pointing out that something has changed.  If you think economists should be doing these papers, does that translate into a relatively low opinion of the quantitative standards in those fields proper?  Or maybe the economists are better at spotting interesting questions and seeing the work through?  Yes or no?  How exactly should we imagine the (possible) comparative advantage of economists with these topics?  I mean these as genuine questions, not snarky ones.  I have never been a per se opponent of economic imperialism.


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