Australian sentences to ponder

The world number one player was questioned for over seven hours about his paperwork and who had approved medical exemption permission for his arrival in Australia.

Here is the link.  Supposedly the star won his case.  But another source relates:

However, Australia’s immigration minister has said he is “currently considering the matter” and the process of suspending Djokovic’s visa is “ongoing”.

Resentment people, resentment.  And why are the politicians doing so much speaking, rather than say the public health authorities?  I am a fan, however, of Judge Kelly (FT):

Kelly said that Djokovic had been granted a medical exemption and had filled out the necessary paperwork to enter Australia. “The point I am somewhat agitated about is what more could this man have done?” the judge told the court. He also questioned whether Djokovic had adequate time to consult his lawyers and agent after being told he would be deported.

I might even watch some of the tourney.


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