How should you talk to think better?

Being a natural non-dualist, I have been pondering this question.  For instance, I know someone who almost always gives charismatic and “thunderous” answers to questions posed.  These are typically smart answers, whether or not you agree, but I suspect over time that talk style makes this person somewhat stupider and more dogmatic.

I believe if you yell your answers all the time you are also likelier to become stupider.  Might the same be true for perpetual whisperers?  For a steady barking yelp?

Is it better to be smiling or frowning during your discourse?

Should you always sound polite and thoughtful and well-reasoned?  Even if your private conversations?  Maybe those people don’t generate enough new, disagreeable ideas.  And don’t many of the smartest and most successful people you know get plain, flat out excited in many of their best intellectual moments?

Keep in mind I am not discussing your optimal public image, I am focusing on how you should talk in order to think better.

What is the optimum median length of remark?  Number of humorous remarks you should be inserting?  Preferred volume?

If you have a really good point, does it make you smarter or stupider to lean forward while making it?

Should you ever start sentences with the exclamation “Look!…”?  With giggles?

You might think there would be thirty excellent pieces on this topic, but can you think of one?


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