TheZvi on Long Covid

Here is a long and characteristically thoughtful post, from his Substack.  Here is the opening part of his summary (no double indentation):

“My core model of Long Covid after writing this post:

  1. Long Covid is real, but less common than many worry it is.
  2. Reports of Long Covid are often people who have symptoms, then blame them on Long Covid whether or not they even had Covid. The exception is loss of taste and smell.
  3. Long Covid severity and risk is proportional to Covid severity and risk.
  4. If you didn’t notice you had Covid, you’re at very very low risk for developing Long Covid.
  5. Vaccination is thus highly but incompletely protective against Long Covid.
  6. Children are thus at minimal risk.
  7. Omicron is thus less likely to cause serious Long Covid than Delta.”

Recommended.  Whether or not you agree with every point, I would say that Zvi has enough context to effectively reason across multiple domains — you can’t say the same for everyone!


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