Germany facts of the day

That’s why the six nuclear reactors that were operating in Germany in 2021 generated 80% as much power as all the gas power plants…

If you turned back on all the nuclear reactors, you could eliminate nearly all the need for gas electricity—and some coal too, which is quite polluting.

Conversely, if you closed the three nuclear reactors remaining and covered that through gas, you’d need to increase your gas burning for electricity by 30%, which could increase gas from Russia by an equivalent amount5.

Put in another way: turning all the German nuclear reactors back on could approximately stop gas imports from Russia. Shutting the remaining ones down could increase the dependency on Russian gas by about 30%.

Here is more from Tomas Pueyo, via Hazel Meade.  There is also an interesting discussion of transition problems for “back to nuclear” at the link.


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