Covid and reverse discrimination

Earlier in the pandemic, you might have had various theories about who was most likely to infect you, who was most likely not to be vaccinated/boosted, or who was most likely to have been going around without proper mask precautions.  Perhaps you went to some greater lengths, either large or small, to avoid those people or to take greater precautions around them.  Today, at least in most of the United States, we have entered the funny “reverse discrimination” phase of the pandemic.  The higher status the person, the more you should beware!  In the last few weeks, some of the higher status people I know have come down with Covid (they are all fine, to be clear), and at much higher rates than “people I know” were getting Covid before.

So behave accordingly, have a beer with your garbage collector, and I suspect this moment won’t last but another week or two.


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