Does the right-wing or left-wing have better graphics?

Tom Martin emails me:

Might be my aging brain hallucinating again, but I would swear that the average right-leaning publication has fairly ugly graphics and the average left-leaning publication is ‘nicely/artfully’ designed.

• National Review: consistently ugly covers

• Bryan Caplan’s new book: not a cover of beauty

• The New American: ugly

• Reason: getting better, but from an ugly past just 5 years ago

• The American Spectator: goofy?

Compared to:

• New Yorker

• New York Times

• Atlantic

• Dissent

• Jacobin

Maybe my tastes are just left wing, despite my politics, but I sense there is something deeper here.

Agree?  If so, what is the best theory of this?  I don’t think it is educational polarization alone, as the readers of say National Review, or for that matter MR, are going to be pretty highly educated.  Nor do I think it is about budget per se, though that is likely one factor.


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