Germany is not really with the Western alliance

Germany has proposed basing most of the 3,500 extra troops it plans to contribute to Nato forces on its own soil rather than in Lithuania, significantly softening its initial backing for more foreign forces to be stationed in the Baltics to deter any potential Russian aggression. Vilnius and other capitals on Nato’s eastern flank have in recent weeks called for an increased military presence on their territory. German chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed support earlier this month for boosting the multinational troop presence that rotates every six months in the region. According to western officials, Berlin’s latest proposal is for a brigade to be stationed in Germany and deployed to Lithuania — where it has led the existing 1,000-strong multinational battle group since 2017 — only if needed.

Here is the full FT piece.  And how many heavy weapons has Germany sent to Ukraine by now?  Any?  People, as I have noted repeatedly it is time to wake up on this one — there is something rotten at the heart of the Western alliance, and it has been obvious for many years.


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