Ranking of major tourist sites

Mike asks:

Tyler’s ranking of major world heritage/tourist sites (could be buildings, national parks, etc.) in terms of which far exceed/underwhelm expectations derived from casual internet surfing.

This is off the top of my head and not pondered for very long, with eleven or more in the top ten:

1. Northern Arizona/southern Utah, various national parks, culminating in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Yes, #1 in the whole world and overall I am not such a travel nationalist.  So it must be really, really good.

2. Iguassu Falls.

I have seen only the Brazilian side, Argentina would make it better yet.  Beware the coatimundis who like to sniff your balls!

3. Ålesund, Norway.

4. The architecture of Brasilia.

I like modernism.  The view from the Rio Christ statue is pretty good too.

5. The architecture of Helsinki.

Kind of follows!

6, Macchu Picchu, seen properly.  Or maybe Lalibela?

Now the former is too full of crowds, I suspect.

7. Swiss Alps, including the integration of natural beauty, landscape, and human footprint.

Get a car, don’t talk yourself into the train only.

8. Sikh Golden Temple and surrounding site, Amritsar, Punjab.

9. Niagara Falls.

10. Ginza district, Tokyo.

11. Singapore, Marina Bay Sands area, most of all the view from the Infinity Pool, looking out in all directions.

Other contenders: Istanbul on the water, view from the Eiffel Tower, Yunnan province in China, average quality of beauty in New Zealand, the new parts of Copenhagen and also Hamburg on the waterfront, cruising in Mexico City, the very old parts of Rome, Venice in a fast water boat, Marrakesh, Busan, Korea, Faroe Islands, many different parts of Chile including Patagonia, random geothermal parts of Iceland.

I am sure I have forgotten plenty!


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