Another University of Austin update

In place of large, on-campus administrative bureaucracies, UATX plans to make administration remote, outsourcing positions abroad. Not only will this arrangement save university funds, Howland noted, but it would also pay foreign workers livable, US-level wages. Further, the school will forgo—along with competitive varsity sports—what he called “club-med amenities”: climbing gyms, student recreation centers with ball pits and golf simulators, napping stations, private pools, and the like. UAustin has even rethought the principle of reserving classroom space for each academic department—at UATX, departments will have control over their budgets and bid for classrooms in a market. The money saved by this and other initiatives, Howland said, will go towards instruction.

Here is more from The Dartmouth Review.  It also seems there will be no tenure, but low course loads and competitive salaries, with an adjudicative body to assess disputes between administrators and faculty.  Might I also note that sending staff abroad greatly weakens their internal position in university politics?


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