How to fix the administrative state

An MR reader request:

You are appointed to the 24 DeSantis cabinet with the task of “fixing the administrative state”. Republicans have a very large Congressional majority. What do you try to do?

I will outsource this one to James Broughel, who works with me at Mercatus:

My main recommendation to a DeSantis cabinet would be a revival of the regulatory budget idea, which began under Trump but has been put on hold by Biden. The Harvard Journal of Public Policy put out a symposium recently on regulatory budgets. It appeared in their online edition and I was a contributor. You can find the link here.

Personally, I’d like to see an expanded reg budget, with more economic analysis and a reduction goal of some kind, like Virginia and Ohio have recently set. My paper in the series goes into a lot of detail on those state reforms.

I will meta-rationally agree.



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