*Avatar: The Way of Water*

Eh.  The sequence of the last hour is quite good, but there is not enough “movie” packed into what came before.  The villains are cartoonish, and the protagonists feel like “generic aliens.”  Dramatic tension is weak throughout.  Cinematic references include to The Poseidon Adventure, Titanic, Frankenstein vs. the Wolf Man, Waterworld, Return of the Jedi, Whale Rider (do the Maori feel ripped off at all?), and other films.

Did I mention that the main plot line concerns doxxing?  You can sit around and debate which of the characters would have been suspended from Twitter or not.

The theater was perhaps one-third full on a Friday evening, and most of the tickets seem to have been sold two days earlier when I first booked and reserved the seats.

How many more of these are coming down the pike?


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