From the comments, what will happen in New Zealand edition?

Libertarian reform isn’t at the top of the headlines in New Zealand, but there are a few things you might expect in that direction:

– Reforming pharmaceutical approvals so products with approval in two other trusted peer countries get automatic approval in NZ. Relevant because of the relatively slow approval time for Covid-19 vaccine in NZ over the pandemic.
– modest cuts in the public service
– adjusting income tax brackets for the last 2 years of inflation (unlike the US, these are not customarily adjusted each year)
– Liberalization of urban development in city fringe areas
– Re-introduction of “partnership schools”, akin to charter schools in the US

It should be re-iterated that the libertarian coalition partner, Act, are very much a junior coalition partner, and it’s unclear how much leverage they have. Dust should settle over the next 2-8 weeks. The National Party will likely nix any Act policy which they worry could risk support of more centrist voters.

That is from Ben Smith.  For the interested, here is some New Zealand election coverage.


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