Solve for the equilibrium?

At $US15,000, BYD’s new Qin EV is already being touted as a “Corolla killer”, as the world’s second largest EV maker continues to disrupt the global auto market.

Launched earlier this week in China, the all-electric Qin Plus has five variants priced between 109,800 RMB to ($A23,300) to 139,800 RMB ($A29,700).

The Qin Plus comes with a 100 kW motor and the option of either a 48 kWh battery providing 420 km CLTC range or a 57.6 kW hour battery with 510 km range.

Mobility consultant James Carter wrote on LinkedIn  the new offering is the $15,000 car that incumbent OEMs (car makers) hoped would never come.

“The new BYD Qin Plus EV Honor Edition is the car that makes EVs way cheaper than ICE vehicles and blows open the mainstream market,” he wrote.

Here is the full article.  So will U.S. and EU car prices fall?  Or will protectionism result?  Aren’t they planning to make a bunch of these cars in northern Mexico? Will America invent some new kind of trade restriction?


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