Perceptions of Corruption

Transparency International produces a much cited index of corruption, the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).  But here is something, shall we say… interesting.

"Transparency International commissions the CPI from Johann Graf Lambsdorff." Lambsdorff, who likes to be called the "father" of the CPI, has another kid on the side, a firm called Anti-Corruption Training and Consulting.  And what does this firm do?  Well I will let them speak for themselves:

Following an invitation of the Chinese Ministry of Supervsion Prof.
Graf Lambsdorff and Mathias Nell went to China from July 22 to July 29
2007. The trip encompassed anti-corruption consultations in Beijing,
Nanjing and Chengdu as well as the release ceremony at Tsinghua
University of the Chinese version of Prof. Graf Lambsdorff’s new book
“The Institutional Economics of Corruption and Reform: Theory, Evidence
and Policy”.

China, let us recall, scores a 3.5 out of 10 on TI’s Corruption Index where the most corrupt country in the world, Somalia, has a score of 1.4.  Pretty corrupt, eh?  Here is a picture, from the ACTC website illustrating some of ACTC’s consulting:


Hat tip to CPI-Watch.


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