Dutch Treat

Holland’s Health Minister has proposed a system for organ donation similar to what I have called (in Entrepreneurial Economics) "no-give, no-take."  Under the proposed system people who sign their organ donor cards would receive points which would raise them on the waiting list should they one day need an organ.

My main argument for no-give, no-take has always been efficiency, it would increase the incentives to donate.  It’s fairness, however, especially as it intersects with the politics of immigration that is driving the change in Holland.   

The Liberal VVD minister defended his proposal by pointing out that
Muslims often refuse to donate organs based on religious beliefs. This
is despite the fact they are willing to receive an organ if they are
ill. "That creates a bad feeling," he said.

"If you say: ‘I refuse to donate an organ because of my religion,
but I don’t want to receive one either’, than I will respect it. But I
won’t respect a one-sided attitude of receiving and not giving. I find
that problematic," Hoogervorst said.

Thanks to Dave Undis for the pointer.


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