Wired Ads a Leading Indicator?

Is it time to invest in technology stocks again?  Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing Blog points us to this graph (before getting too excited, however, I would want to detrend for seasonality, i.e. the Christmas effect):

The image

Rich Giles made a graph that compares the page counts of past issues of Wired
with the the rise and fall of Nasdaq over the years.

You’ll note that the Nasdaq (red) lags Wired’s page count (blue) by a
few months [No longer true, in the updated graph -see below – although they do seem to move together, AT]. I’m not suggesting you go an buy technology shares, but gee, I’m
thinking the reports of money pumping back into technology companies might just
be true given the big up-tick in this months page count (294).

Addendum: There were some problems with the author’s original graph.  He corrected and I have reposted.  The data are available here.  Thanks to the Stalwart and Paul N for pointing me to the problem.


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