I want to be a Saint!

I know, I know, first I dream of becoming a dictator, now a saint.  Make of it what you will.  It turns out, however, that becoming a saint is a lot easier than I thought.  Reuters reports that:

The Vatican may have found the "miracle" they need to put the late Pope John
Paul one step closer to sainthood — the medically inexplicable healing of a
French nun with the same Parkinson’s disease that afflicted him.

Monsignor Slawomir Oder, the Catholic Church official in charge of promoting
the cause… said the "relatively young" nun, whom he said he could not identify for
now, was inexplicably cured of Parkinson’s after praying to John Paul after his
death last April 2…."  (italics added).

A surprisingly frank report in Catholic World News hits the nail on the head:

November, in commenting on the progress of the cause for Pope John
Paul’s beatifiction, his former secretary, Archbishop Stanislas
Dziwisz, said that there would be no problem finding a miracle to
advance the cause– or rather, that the problem would be to select one
miracle from among the many reported.

Indeed.  I would be more impressed, however, if the cure rate of those who prayed to John Paul exceed that of those who prayed to Elvis.  Will the Vatican be performing a t-test?  I suspect not.

In anycase, to get my candidacy for sainthood going would you please ask in my name for something good to happen to you today.  Go on, what have you go to lose?  "In the name of Alex Tabarrok I pray that my article will be accepted by the AER."  Try it out!  If something good does happen please note the miracle in the comments section.  Do not comment if nothing happens. Thanks!


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