Bias at the New York Times

The Times has a biased article on school vouchers.  Surprisingly, the bias is in favor of vouchers.  Oh sure, there’s the usual crazed principal sounding like a cross between Che Guevera and Andrea Dworkin as she attacks vouchers for "raping the public schools of students and resources."  Also, I would have liked a better review of the evidence which is strongly in favor of vouchers.  Nevertheless, the overwhelming impression of private schools left by the article is delightfully positive.

It’s the stories of little boys and girls sadly left behind by the public schools but now attending private schools like the one "near a verdant hill of churches" that tell the tale.  And how about this to bring a tear to your eye?

Breanna Walton, 8, rises before dawn for the long bus ride from
Northeast Washington, "amongst the crime and drugs and all that," in
the words of her mother, April Cole Walton, to Rock Creek
International, near Georgetown University. There, she learns Spanish
with the children of lawyers and diplomats.

The best is left to last:

"I’ll probably go to Washington Latin," said Jhontelle Johnson,
setting her sights on a new charter school opening in August. If not,
she said, "I’d probably be home-schooled."

A teacher’s aide, Sheonna Griffin, looked askance. "You don’t like public schools?" she asked the child.

Jhontelle turned back, her young eyes flashing. "You can’t make me go," she said.

Sadly, in most of the country they can.


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