Outsourcing Tutors

Tutoring companies figure: If low-paid workers in China and India can
sew your clothes, process your medical bills and answer your computer
questions, why can’t they teach your children, too?…

When Studyloft.com, a Chicago-based tutoring company with more than
6,000 clients, advertised in Bangalore for tutors with master’s
degrees, more than 500 people applied for 38 spots, according to Bikram
Roy, the firm’s founder and chief executive. "There is just a huge
hotbed of talent there in math and science," he said. "India has the
best tutors — the best teachers — in the world."

From the Washington Post.  It’s a shame immigration restrictions prevent more insourcing of the tutors.  Here is the most unintentionally funny comment:

Teachers unions are vigorously lobbying for legislation that would make
it more difficult for overseas tutors to receive No Child Left Behind
funds. Weil, of the American Federation of Teachers, said after-school
tutors should be required to pass the same rigorous certification
process as public school teachers.

Thanks to Ramin Seddiq for the pointer.


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