Literature and movie maps

What else do fans of Amelie Nothomb read?  The closer the names are together, the more likely both a person likes both authors. 

Enter your favorite author here.  David Foster Wallace, whom I dislike, is closest to Don Delillo.   Virginia Postrel is paired next to Ayn Rand and Arthur Conan Doyle.  Here is Milton Friedman.  No, I don’t know the details of their data but it involves asking visitors.

The parent company offers similar services for music and movies.  Fans of Eyes Wide Shut like these moviesTotal Recall is linked, sadly, to Animal House.

Go ahead, waste your time with this, I said it was OK.


Note that if you look at Neal Stephenson, the author furthest from him in the top-left corner is "Neal Stevenson."

Incidentally, the two closest authors to Mr. Stevenson (sic) are Greg Bear and Greg Egan. I'm not familiar with their works, but given the length of their names (and the fact that they share the first four), one doesn't have to spell well to get their names right.

On a more serious note, is it weird that my favorite authors are distributed throughout of the grid, with very little clustering? Or perhaps it means that I have unconsciously picked one favorite author of each "type."

There, you've succeeded in wasting my time. Thanks. :)

Not only is Neal Stephenson there in two different places, Author C. Clarke is present three times, in completely different places. And, as David said, my favorite authors are also not clustered at all (in other words, my Literature Map would be completely different). And has the map changed since he looked at it, because for me Greg Bear is nowhere near "Neal Stevenson", and is instead next to Larry Niven, which I would probably agree with to a certain degree. And I realize that their humor styles are not the same, but how can Terry Prachett and Douglas Adams be one opposite sides of the map?

Start at and select a topic (music, film, books) and it asks you to name three of your favorites. My guess is that it is building off of these entries, which accounts for the spelling variations (Skatalites, The Skatalites, Skattalites).

Odd, over on the side of The Skatalites map, sits Thelonius Monk paired off with Weird Al.

I read the first Gor book and it was a typical barbarian swordsman story with the sex a little more overt than usual. I have heard that as the series continued it became more bondage S&M than adventure story.

Brad - I just tried what you said and SinS was relatively close to LOTR when I clicked the latter.

(Does that make for more consistency or less?)

How is it possible that Nadine Gordimer and Peter Drucker are located very clost to one another in a literature map? There are still a few bugs left in the system, it seems.

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