What can I do with an economics major??

At the University of Oklahoma, they (rightly) pretty much keep me away from the undergrads. But I gather this is a frequent question, often answered with "anything that you could do with a business degree only for less money"!! Hence I offer up this list of way cool economics majors to inspire your students:

Brian Stann (won silver star, and now mixed a martial arts fighter) US Naval Academy

Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) Hartwick College

Danny Glover (actor) San Francisco State University

Greg Ginn (punk rocker and entrepeneur) UCLA

Bill Belichick (NFL coach with super bowl bling) Wesleyan University

Mick Jagger (international sex symbol??) London School of Economics

Mike Musina
(Yankees Pitcher)  Stanford

I don’t want to be sexist with this list; I am pretty sure the pro poker player Vanessa Russo was an econ major at Duke, but I couldn’t confirm this. Are there any cool female econ majors that I’m missing (Robin (world’s greatest co-author) was a political science major and Sandra Day O’Connor (ex-Supreme) AIN’T cool)?

PS on the down side there is always Ken Lay (evildoer, Missouri) and Kofi Annan (conflicted bureaucrat, Macalester College).


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