Singapore to Pay Organ Donors

Big news on the effort to alleviate the shortage of human organs:

Singapore is to allow compensation for kidney transplants and for eggs.
A government proposal has been approved by a bioethics committee and
legislation will be introduced early next year.

to the BMJ, a sum of S$10,000 was mentioned. According to the Straits
Times, the health minister, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, mentioned "at least a
five-figure sum, possibly even six-figure" as appropriate
reimbursement. This would include expenses, such as transport and
medical costs, as well as loss of earnings. Also, the donor should be
covered for follow-up medical costs and higher insurance premiums as a
result of losing a kidney.

In other big news the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is reconsidering their long-held opposition to compensation for organ donors.  The NKF is surveying people on financial compensation.  Marginal Revolution readers can raise the level of discussion and perhaps help save some lives by answering the survey here (it’s very short).

Thanks to Lloyd Cohen and Richard Darling for the pointers.


Yay! That's another small step to a much better world.

I just hope noone listens to people and their price control ideas.

Perhaps soon I can go back to hoping (though not legislating) motorcycle riders wear their helmets.

Looks like the survey might be swamped.

But do anyone consider the failure of blood selling? Can money create incentive as economists said, or create more problems?

Wow, excellent question D. Klein.

If not, it's proof they would have more value as harvested organs. It's such a no-brainer.

They probably think organ liberalization has to do with church music.

def, what has failed with blood selling? If anything, I'd assume that donors undercut demand for sales. Donors are paid by thanks, feeling good, and avoiding the brow-beating non-donors get. Donors, also might tend to have better blood than those needing small cash infusions. Libertarians don't all think that allowing a market to take place means that a booming market will develop, just that it might.

S$10,000 is about US$6,500. Sounds like a bargain to me.

The problem with paying blood donors is that they might lie about disqualifying conditions in order to collect the payment. Will this be a problem with organ donors as well? Maybe.

I have mixed feeling about that.I think it is good to get paid for it. But what are the long term effects on the person hat give up there organ. Its not like they are able to just go and grow another one.So That is a scary thing to do..

This seems like a great idea. The one problem, illustrated by CK above, is that people will be less likely to donate their organs if they aren't being paid. And its not like everyone has $10,000 to throw around, even to save their life.

I dont think people will be less likely to donate (if they arenĀ“t being paid)... Most part of donations happens between relatives, family and close friends. This kind of donation will not end. -Brazilian economics studant-

so, it means that singapore has make selling organs (kidneys) are legar, hasn't it??

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