Spin-Free Economics

The subtitle is "A No-Nonsense, Nonpartisan Guide to Today’s Global Economic Debates" and it is by Nariman Behravesh.

I was shocked by how much I liked this book.  I think of it as a kind of contemporary Capitalism and Freedom, although it comes across as less partisan and the coverage is much more global.  I agreed with almost everything the author said and I thought the framing was effective and spot on just about all the time.

Many MR readers already know too much to be the appropriate audience here, but if you wish to give someone an economics book as a gift, or as an introduction to thinking about economic policy, here you go.  I’m still astonished at how remarkably good this book is and yes I did read it all the way through.  Greg Mankiw wrote a very nice blurb for it.

You can buy it here.  Here is the book’s home page.  I haven’t seen any serious reviews yet, nor has Google.


You should leave an Amazon review for the book.

I am very confused about this "spin free" and "centrist" economics that the author is promoting. Is it anything like academic economics - i.e. a science?

I am particularly confused about the idea of "centrist approach" to economic policy analysis. Does this mean that the author gathers together all of the policy preferences from left and right, and finds the median choice for each subject?

In all seriousness, I wonder whether it is a good idea to promote this idea that the policy world is full of ideologues who care nothing about economic analysis and promote one side or the other in the political debate.

I also wonder, given the 4 economic issues presented in the blurb, how this author can be both a "mainstream" economist and a "centrist" according to the policy wonk world. Because I know how most economists would likely answer all 4 of those and I know how "one side" of the policy wonk world answer all 4 of those, and they happen to coincide perfectly.

Having worked with Nariman in the past, I can say that he is very good at explaining economic concepts in an easily accessible way.

Off topic, but I wanted to alert readers to a mention of our TC as a "public intellectual," albeit resented by the NY variety as an ariviste and imperilist. An intersting article, besides.


I bought it because Tyler Cowen's reviews and recommendations are usually spot on.

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