Spin-Free Economics

The subtitle is "A No-Nonsense, Nonpartisan Guide to Today’s Global Economic Debates" and it is by Nariman Behravesh.

I was shocked by how much I liked this book.  I think of it as a kind of contemporary Capitalism and Freedom, although it comes across as less partisan and the coverage is much more global.  I agreed with almost everything the author said and I thought the framing was effective and spot on just about all the time.

Many MR readers already know too much to be the appropriate audience here, but if you wish to give someone an economics book as a gift, or as an introduction to thinking about economic policy, here you go.  I’m still astonished at how remarkably good this book is and yes I did read it all the way through.  Greg Mankiw wrote a very nice blurb for it.

You can buy it here.  Here is the book’s home page.  I haven’t seen any serious reviews yet, nor has Google.


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