Law and Economics 2.0

On Thursday the Kauffman Foundation will announce that it is making
$10 million in initial contributions to found an initiative aimed at
reinvigorating, and, to some extent redirecting, the exceedingly influential
school of thought that has come to be known as “law and economics.”…Kauffman’s new “Law, Innovation and Growth” initiative seeks to refocus the
law-and-economics debate to center on the promotion of entrepreneurship [law and growth, dynamic efficiency etc., AT]…

Robert Litan will direct.

Litan’s role model here, he acknowledges, is Henry Manne, a dean emeritus at
George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Vir., who was
law-and-economics’ chief proselytizer and salesman.

More here.  Hat tip to Tim Kane at Growthology.


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