The Physics of BS

Here is Frank Tipler on macroeconomics:

Macroeconomists should realize that the inability of their theories to make
accurate predictions means that they do not know what they are talking about. We
non-economists should realize this also, and realize that our leaders, who are
being advised by macroeconomists, haven’t got a clue where they are leading us.

Well ok I have some problems with macroeconomics too but considering many of Tipler's writings his criticisms of macroeconomics are rather amusing.  e.g.

We can also use the physical laws to tell us what the Cosmological
Singularity–God–is like. The laws of physics tell us that our universe
began in an initial singularity, and it will end in a final
singularity. The laws also tell us that ours is but one of an infinite
number of universes, all of which begin and end in a singularity. If we
look carefully at the collection of all the universes–this collection
is called the multiverse–we see that there is a third
singularity, at which the multiverse began. But physics shows us that
these three apparently distinct singularities are actually one
singularity. The Three are One.

There is one religion which
claims that God is a Trinity: Christianity. According to Christianity,
God consists of Three Persons: God the Father (the First Person), God
the Son (the Second Person), and God the Holy Ghost (the Third Person).
But there are not three Gods, only one God. Using physics to study the
structure of the Cosmological Singularity, we can see that indeed the
three “parts” of the Singularity can be distinguished by employing the
idea of personhood. In particular, physics can be used to show how it
is possible for a man–Jesus, according to Christianity–to actually be
the part of the Singularity that connects the Initial and Final
Singularities. So the Incarnation makes perfectly good sense from the
point of view of physics.


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