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Modern Principles Macro Cover

There is a Micro book and a consolidated text as well.   Please do contact Alex or me if you are interested in classroom use.

Addendum: Arnold Kling comments.


That hand looks mighty visible to me.

The hand is blocking the sun. Is this your answer to global warming?

Looks like the visible hand of the Fed Reserve--scary! I hope the contents are more along the lines of the invisible hand.

Missed the slogan entirely. Damn. Wish I could delete my own comments and conceal my stupidity.

The hand is a little scary. But it's eye-catching!

Can you tell us a little about it?

How Amerocentric of you.

I graduated from college 3 years ago, but a part of me wants to buy the book just to see how you guys have written it.

Congratulations, and good luck.

This is intro level? How does it differ from (and improve on) Mankiw's excellent text? (Isn't it so that everyone regards Mankiw's text as excellent?)

Norman, please contact us and we will get you review copies...

Say Blanchard (2008) is 10 and Barro (2007) is 0 (only for ordinal pourpuses) where is this new book going to be?

What a creepy cover. Have someone draw/render the hand instead, it might help attenuate that feeling

Congratulations Tyler and Alex! I hope you guys talk about it a bit on the blog. I'd love to hear your design philosophy and in what ways you think this book is an improvement over its competitors.

i like the cover. Congrats!

"Modern Principles: Macroeconomics" doesn't flow. I suggest you rename it "Modern Principles of Macroeconomics."

I would have preferred a dancing Obama with a czar costume on the cover.

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